End of Month Report and Reflections

August 2007
A month has gone by so fast. Finished my term 3’s examinations and now awaiting the finals. Stressful it is I must say. It is to the level that once it is time to relax, I do not even feel good at all. You know the feeling of me studying, worrying for my next subject and so on. I often feel that way; it is scary as I find myself hard to relax. Putting that aside, SwiftWorld is now officially 2 month old. Started in July, my site/blog has gain a number of hits and visits from people all around the world. Not too impressive but still, I feel good when I saw the improvement in the number of visitors compared to July. August is gone and now waiting for September. It has been a fruitful month; gain quite a lot of experiences through reading through web mastering forums and so on. Asked for opinions and comments on my content and articles and not much complaints and I am really glad of that. Without further ado, let us check the statistics for the month of August, and then followed by some reflecting on my personal life.

Statistics for Aug 07

  July 07 August 07 Difference
Unique Visitors 119 384 + 265
Number of Visits 363 2572 + 2209
Pages 1282 6466 + 5184
Hits 5754 26064 + 20310
Bandwidth 18 mb 154 mb + 136 mb


Comments about my reviews and writings are currently positive and I hope to sustain that or improve it in future. I am currently reading up on typography and formatting and hope to come out with a solid format that I am going to stick to. Things such as bold for headings etc You know the format? Yet with good format I think it gives a better impression to readers and also increase the readability of the articles. Thus I hope through my reading and researching, I will slowly improve on my writing and format so as to provide better content for my readers.
Personal Academics

This terms’ examination went not too bad for me. Some subjects worsen, some improve a little. Not too contended as I know that I am capable of getting higher. Anyways here are my subjects and the grades I achieved:

English 80%  
Chinese 74%  
Mathematics 58%  
Physical Science (Physics) 86%  
Life Science (Biology) 72%  
Geography 85%  
History 97%  
Literature 80%  
Art 69%  

Total Earnings & Revenue

Adsense: ???
Advertlets: $0.70 SGD
Planet-Survey: $0.31 SGD
Nuffnang: $0.00 SGD
Total: $1.01 SGD

Oh god that is really little. Will do to find out how much I get from Adsense (If any that is) and update this entry. My main purpose is not really for the money, but for the experience and fun. I enjoy doing such stuff and since I enjoy doing such things and there is the opportunity to earn some money during the process, why not?

This month has been rather smooth for both me and SwiftWorld. Met no problems with the host and such. Next few weeks I might be really busy as my preparations for the final year examinations are taking place. If possible, I plan to buy a domain before the end of 2007 and switch to paid hosting if there is a need to. Not too sure about that though but anyways, so far so good, may SwiftWorld keep improving in future and may I have the will and determination to study and get good grades for the finals.

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