Report and Reflections: January 08

January 08I would first like to open the end of month report for the month of January 08 with apologies for being inconsistent in producing such reports in year 2007. I admit that I was lazy and thus not wanting to go through so much hassle just to come out with reports that most people do not care at all. I am neither a professional blogger earning tons of money, nor a blog celebrity that people care what I think but nevertheless, I think such reports are musts. Whether people read it or not, taking time to reflect and think about what I did recently is really important for not only improving oneself but also to remind oneself not to repeat mistakes that had been made. Thus, with much thinking and planning, I decided that from this year onwards, every month, without fail, will have such a report.


January 08 has been an eventful month for me personally and the site itself. The website if you notice have an official mascot to spread the love and joy of SwiftWorld. The erm, well swift-polar-bear, is created by a pixel artist that I found through the net. He is kind, and helpful in the sense that he helped me create such a beautiful piece of art for free. An official “thank you” to him from all inhabitants living in SwiftWorld and the creator of it itself, me. Seriously, helping someone do something so troublesome and time consuming for free is a hard decision to make. Thus, thank him once more and erm, thank him again. (Yes I am that grateful to him)

For my personal life, January has been really fruitful as I made a lot of new friends. My OEP trip to Bali had introduced me with some new friends, and created a stronger bond with others I knew before. Also, a brand new PS3 and a television is sure exciting but also acts as a challenge against my self-discipline.  Will I get addicted to the PS3 and flunk in my studies or if not be able to manage my time even better and become a much stronger individual? The answer will be right back after the break. Just kidding, we will just have to wait and see what happens in the later months ahead.

A great month for me, and I hope for you as well and wish you all the best in the months and years ahead.

Swift World Traffic Statistics

Unique Visitors 2213
Number of Visits 2378
Page Views 5157
Bandwidth Used 950.13mb
Average Uniques Per Day 71

Goals: To get at least 100 unique visitors per day

Month Earnings and Revenue

Google Adsense:             $4.65 USD = $6.57 SGD
Nuffnang:                           $3.45 SGD
Advertlets:                         $0.20 SGD

Total:                                     $10.22 SGD

Goals: To get at least another $10 for next month

The Birth of the SwiftWorld Mascot

2nd Feb 2008 is the official birth date for SwiftWorld’s Mascot! He is uncreative-ly called Polar, the bear! Alright, I know that sucks totally but still, I think polar as a name sounds awesome. If you have any better ideas you can mail them to me! Every 2nd of Feb in the years ahead shall be Polar’s birthday! How sweet. Anyways, every time I mention or look or talk about Polar, my heart is filled with gratitude towards the pixel artist that helped me deliver that cute little Polar, bear. Right so thanks to him once more. To know more about him you can go to the about page and check him out. Contacts of him are available at the contact us page and if you got a job for him, I am definitely sure he will be up for it.

Learning to capture in-game footage for PS3

I must first learn how to capture videos and screenshots (most important) in PS3 games and then will I be able to write complete reviews. I promise that it will not take months nor years but soon, really soon will you see reviews for PS3 games popping up at SwiftWorld. Recently there has not been much activity within the PC gaming industry resulting in no new games that are worth to be critic thus no reviews as well. You just got to wait for those big titles to be out and I will be sure to do my best to get it if possible and give you the most honest of my opinions.

School Life – Tough

Recently school has been extremely busy for me. Teachers gave endless amount of projects and homework, my uniform youth organization has been consuming loads of my time, and lastly my fatigue is not allowing me to stay awake after 10pm. Therefore, there might be less activity and articles posted on SwiftWorld, but nevertheless I will still try my best to write whenever I am free. This is just a notice.


Right so great job so far and all the best for you and me in the months that lie ahead.

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  1. on the contrary, we expressees are very relaxed 😉

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  2. True, but on the other hand, you guys got O Levels to worry.

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  3. Hey! Just wanted to step by and say that you wrote Nightall instead of Nighthall in the about page 😉 By the way, you was going to add my email too, right?

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