End of Term 1 Round Up 2009

acr1School’s term has ended. This in other words mean that it is time to do some reflections and thinking on both my own personal endeavors and well as that of the site. This term has been hectic for me. As of all term 1’s, time was much of the essences. Poor time management would mean handing homework late, failing to have adequate gaming time as well as the lack of sleep and rest. My time management skills are terrible and I’m in no way proud of it. Still I managed to pull through the 3 months and survived with average results. Although CCA wise there was the cancellation of the founder’s day parade, it was still as tough as ever for now I’ve become a senior and the planning of trainings etc are all done by me and the rest of the leaders. In addition, project work is extremely taxing for I had to travel to some centre every Monday and Tuesday to carry out the project.

Personal Life

I had weeks whereby I could only go home at around 6pm every day. I had days whereby I could only have 5 hours of sleep or 2 hours of gaming (a lot for most but definitely not enough or me). I had times whereby I felt sad and tired mentally for I have done things wrongly or had some particular events that made me stressed and worried. I had a period of time of distressfulness as I fail to comprehend whatever I was studying. I had seconds whereby my heart would beat at a rate unlike normal. I had a term whereby it was filled with obstacles and of course fun times as well.

I had nights whereby I spend time talking to my friends about rubbish. I had Fridays whereby I played cards and lost due to pure unluckiness. I had Fridays’ evenings where I chilled with my friends after NPCC and played street soccer. I had times of joy and laughter as we as a group of friends went out together. I had obtained happiness through the classroom. I had friends who helped me in times of need and trouble. I had a term that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Whenever you go through tough and problematic times successfully, you would feel a sense of achievement. This term was tough but I endured it effectively, and therefore I am happy. My grades aren’t too bad or too good. Slightly below average I think for Term 1’s are supposedly the easiest term of the whole year. My language arts pulled me down a lot. But that doesn’t matter for I think I knew where my mistakes were. Some subjects I did surprisingly well for example Advance Math as well as Physics. Nevertheless what is done cannot be undone and that there is no point in crying over spilt milk. As long as you know your mistakes and don’t repeat them, you are a successor. Here are my grades:

Advanced Math 80.0%
Biology 68.0%
Chemistry 70.0%
Core Math 70.0%
Higher Chinese 78.0%
Introduction to Human Societies 86.7%
Language Arts 44.0%
Physics 93.0%
Average % 73.7%

Some interesting events that took place in this term:


My Character Development Programme trip to KL


Chinese New Year being different, in a negative way


Start of the first battle! First term’s class tests!


Devastated for failing Language Arts, but now I ain’t sad for I know what went wrong


High Rope Challenge at Ubin. NPCC UYO activity


IT Show 2009 being overly hyped

Swift World

It has been a fantastic time for Swift World for the past 3 months. Traffic flow was constant, content was new (most of the time) and there are a few interesting things that took place as well. If you have noticed, the banner has been changed. Instead of the miniature object that supposedly represents me, I have drawn up an image (completely different from me) and a bear (looks like a teddy bear). I can’t seem to have any ideas at all on how to draw Polar. As for myself, I would rather leave it as that for human drawing is no easy task. Only the elites can do it. In February, I’ve also received request for reviewing a game, Chain. You can take a look at that review here:


Here are some statistics for the months of January and February in terms of the traffic:

Statistics February January
Unique Visitors 4441 3963
Page Views 10510 9988
Average Page Views/Day 375 322
Average Unique Visitors/Day 159 128

In this particular term, a new social blogging website has emerged into my daily view list. And that is BloggerUnited. It focuses mainly on both Singaporean/Malaysian Bloggers, creating a rather local feel towards it. Of course the site welcomes bloggers from all over the globe and caters to both local and international viewers. I myself felt that the site is interesting enough to come up with a screencast, a rather basic and brief video to show some of the features to the readers of my site. However, my mic sucked badly, causing the whole video to sound as if a mouse was squeaking. Nonetheless glad that such a service popped out, totally loving it.

You can view the screencast at this post:


Last but not least, a friend that I recruited to help ensure that content is flowing into Swift World at a steady rate. Of course it hasn’t been happening for he is busy with NS (National Service) as well as being a lazy bum.


I am glad that after each term there will always be a term break. Now I am proceeding into my term “break” or “holidays” whichever you wish to call it. However, this term “break” that I am going to have consists of: A humongous amount of homework, a 3day 2 nights camp and project work (So much for a term “break”). Nevertheless, I hope that Swift World will continue to grow and populate, and my studies will always be maintained at average or if not better.


P.S Building a gaming computer during the “break”, hope to post some pictures up if possible! Lets hope all goes well and that I don’t break any of the fragile and expensive parts.

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