High Rope Challenge @ Ubin

Earlier today, I went to Pulau Ubin for the High Rope Challenge, an activity that is organised by NPCC HQ. As the activity’s title suggests, the stuff we are about to face in Ubin would definitely prove a challenge. It is certainly more challenging for those who are afraid of heights. Unfortunately, I am grouped under that category. Almost every if not all of the different challenges were carry out high up in the air. I participated and completed 2 challenges before heading home.

The first challenge was the Flying Fox. The main difficulty of this challenge was the climbing up of the stairsFlying Fox before actually descending. Basically we had to climb up a flight of stairs that lead us up to nearly 5 stories high. Because the stairs weren’t opaque or was the tower enclosed or anything, during the time while we walked, we could actually enjoy the scenery around and of course below us. For someone who is afraid to climb up a short ladder at home like me, it was scary at some points. Of course after all the trouble and fear, joy awaits. I was afraid at first to take off but as soon as I did, the feeling was fantastic. Wind was gushing pass my body and the speed of descend was adequet to make me smile. Something that is worth going for again.

The next challenge was the Intermediate Rope Challenge. Basically there were 3 routes to take, different in the sense of their individual difficulty levels. I tried one of the routes last year (Medium), thus I did not want to go for the same thing again. Instead, I went for the supposedly easiest route for I doubt I can complete the hardest one. Completing the route was not really say, easy, neither was it very hard. The route consists of mainly 2 balancing acts, one was using a long pole to balance yourself as you walk across a rope while the other was plainly walking on Intermediate Rope Challengehorizontally placed ladders up in the air that shake as if they were dancing. The last part was somewhat an extremely short flying fox (around 2 meters of distance). I went pass the first and second part without much problems (chose the easier method to complete them). However, at the third and final part, I had some worries in terms of jumping to grab the pole to swing back to the tower. You see, the instructors wanted to make it a little more challenging and instead of giving us the poles for us to grab on to swing back to the tower, he placed them at a particular distance, making us jump in order to grab them. I was scared at first but in the end I jumped and grabbed it successfully, flying myself back to the tower in one piece. Of course I realised later that the poles were not exactly very far away from myself and the jumping action I did was completely redundant and unnecessary. Had fun anyways.

Lunch followed as well as some bamboo pole thingy afterwards. Didn’t actually took part in the challenge (partially because I’m afraid and partially because I was lazy). Basically what cadets have to do is to climb up this bamboo pole, stand at the top which shakes furiously. Balance yourself, jump and reach for some bar above and away from you. And viola, you’ve completed the challenge. Sounds easy but the main problem and struggle lies within the section where you have to balance yourself on the top.

The weather was not very kind towards us and it showed its unhappiness by showering us with lovely rain. Thunders supposedly join in together in the chorus to make it one masterpiece for us to go home early. Sat the boat back to Singapore and hinch a car ride off a friend back home.

[all images taken @ http://app-stg.npcc.gov.sg/data/s_campsite.html]

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  1. I am going for the HRC soon and i was thinking it was going to be boring but after reading this article, i have the feeling to go for it and can’t wait for the day….

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