6 Days 5 Nights of Character Development

Hello people, just gotten back from KL yesterday by bus. Attended a Character Development Programme organized by the school. It was tiring especially on the physical side and it was aimed to train leadership qualities and instill the FRUIT of the Spirit among the students. It was fun nonetheless and it definitely bonded the whole class together.

Day 1 16/1/09

The first day was practically just sitting in the bus and travelling to our hotel. Our bus when compared to one of the other class’ bus is definitely inferior. Well, my expectations wasn’t high but seriously why does that class get such a beautiful bus while we get one that is so, lousy? Ah who cares, it is just a bus. Not like I get to bring the bus home. The trip consists of sleeping (mostly) and some talking. Toilet breaks occasionally and lunch was at some local restaurant. Reach the hotel (Pearl International) after dinner and checked in, bringing our luggage into our rooms and washing up before attending night debrief in a small small room (Considering that the size has to fit at least 400 people).

Day 2 17/1/09

Nature walk and treasure hunt. Plants, trees greenery and loads of physical actions like climbing and trekking.

Day 3 18/1/09

Did rafting and loads of physical team challenges. Rafting was fun, and we managed to survive in the waters though last on reaching the checkpoint. The team challenges consist of numerous dirty activities such as going through mud and walking through dirty water. Other fun stuff like archery and paintball were added in though all were short lived. Tiring and dirty, not really what I like.

Day 4 19/1/09

This was the slackest day of all (excluding the first and last day). We went to the Awana Resort to have some team building activities and a really long philosophical lecture.  The activities were split into two categories, one the outdoor and the other indoor. The outdoor one consists of several team challenges where it puts teamwork the most important trait to complete any task.  Some challenges include building a domino line while having the wrists of each member tied up and another one where it involves members crossing two platforms using two planks and the weight of the individual members. It is much more fun compared to the indoor activity where you are a rescue team trying to save the hostage. Nothing was more interesting than the philosophy the trainer there taught us. Every 10 minutes or so he would start lecturing us about life and how people were smarter than us and stuff. It does have some meaning to it but seriously, too much talking. I can talk like that too, seriously.

Day 5 20/1/09

Mountain climbing and abseiling. Gah, never good at climbing those artificial walls let alone a real mountain wall. Don’t have the arm strength to pull myself up from one point to the other.  I tried abseiling though. It tested my limits as I was really afraid of heights. One of the instructors was either in a bad mood or has really bad attitude. Hey seriously we don’t want to die so young, being scared is part of the activity. Why get so pissed off. He kept screaming “open up your legs, straight straight”. Yes I god damn bloody know that but it ain’t easy for a kid like me who doesn’t do abseiling nor mountain climbing as a job. Ah who cares about him, all he does is smokes and screams. Watch your health buddy, too much and you can’t scream at others no more.

Day 6 21/1/09

Home sweet home.

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