The Real Orientation of 2010

Finally this week we experienced the real orientation that was meant to, I quote from Wikipedia, “help orient and welcome new students”. Of course the orientation I went through included many “social activities” and I must say that it was fun while it lasted. Today, it all ends and school is about to begin proper. But till then, I shall enjoy the moments I had within this week.

I whined about the past 2 weeks or so that orientation was boring. Well, those weeks weren’t supposed to be named as orientation week, so yeah. Anyways, orientation week was filled with activities to help bond the students together. I myself found new friends and people to talk to. Of course my last year friends still remained as good as ever but it always nice to meet new people. There are a few key pointers of this orientation that will be kept with me forever if not quite some time at least. I had an OG (orientation group) that was united in slacking. How awesome is that? I mean we don’t really out right slack but we do take things at our own pace and have fun.

For example we had this amazing race thingy and it was supposed to be filled with people running around finding the next stations and so on. My group started off walking and strolling like tourists in a new country. We looked, talked, joked along the way until we found the first station. Taking our time to slowly, but steadily, complete the task, we proceed to the next station. That is not the major talking point though. The thing is that we were the only group (I believe) that stopped for lunch. We are not supposed to even lunch in the first place let alone resting in subway for around an hour or so before proceeding. Of course the result of the race is that we probably are first from the back, but it doesn’t really matter since it was all fun (not the race but the time spent with the people).

There was this another wet and dirty activity day. Basically we had a range of stations and games filled with hellishly dirty tasks to perform. For example twister with tomato sauce, fish sauce etc as the colours and you have to step/press on them. We also had some sock wrestling match in a soap arena and stuff like that. You get the idea, wild and wet and dirty. Disgusting but amusing at the same time.

We had cheering and ice breaker games as well. All of which tries to ignite the school spirit among each individual as well as bond the student body together as one. We had a sports carnival styled event today which includes many different sport games with a little twist here and there. For example we had captain’s ball but played with cabbage and carrots, handball played with balloons and such. The win lose ratio by our OG was not too bad. Considering the talent we have that totally does not match the sport activity they hosts, the results are worthy of praises. It was fun anyways, sports is always fun as long as it does not include the fitness training part (which is unavoidable anyways).

Mass dance was fun as well. Learnt some moves that are pretty fun to perform with and know of a really catchy song. Nice to hear and it just gets stuck within your head after you hear it a few times (main stream?). We then had the final closure of the orientation activities which was the Closing Lunch held today at the hall.

The food suck badly, I mean there wasn’t enough for everyone. All the ingredients like the fish, chicken etc got taken up so quickly many people queuing behind hardly got any. All you could eat was the beehoon which wasn’t too bad but nothing too special about it either. It tasted as normal as those beehoon you get in households cooked by anyone. The drinks were diluted and when I say diluted, really diluted. I mean I bet they add 4 times the amount of water more than the given instructions. Bleh, tasteless but at least the drinks were cold. The deserts were the best of them all, tasted normal and it was cold and refreshing (that is probably why I felt that it was the best). Other than that, everything else is average if not worse.

There were performances by people from the different levels, both the year sixes and fives. We had live music performances as well as some dancing item which all was really good in my opinion. We also had prize presentations but too bad we didn’t win anything. If only they had a special mentioned for the most relaxed group or something, I bet we will get it. They also announced the winning OG of the whole orientation and the winning mascots etc.

It was all fun while it lasted and now that it is almost over (tomorrow might be the last day maybe? Else it would be straight into the new allocated classes), I feel that school life seems to be indeed the best times of our lives. That is what most adults say anyways, how they recall their school days and stuff like that. Yeah, I think school is fun, not because of the studying and knowledge but the experiences you have from all the interaction with the people and the activities.

I am proud to say that I felt orientation was fun and enjoyable and my experience with my OG is something I will surely remember.

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