Climbing Homework Mountain

A few days to go and the peak of homework mountain is still out of sight. I climb, at the rate of around 0.5 metre per hour. This mountain is huge and difficult to climb. Some parts of the mountain are steep, others are steeper. There ain’t no easy way up. Just got to keep climbing and believing. Standing around 3000ft tall, homework mountain was only meant for the hardworking and disciplined. I wasn’t. I was neither hardworking nor disciplined. Mom says it is all in the blood, but it surprisingly wasn’t in mine. Perhaps it is, but my brain evolved to become stubborn and change me as a person. I tried, climbing a little at a time. However the delicious view made me stop every few steps I took. In the end, I spent more time sightseeing rather than climbing to the peak. People often say at the peak the view is best, you are able to see all around you and the view would simply be breathtaking. All the effort put into climbing to the peak would all be well spent for the rewards are fantastic.

That isn’t enough motivation for me to climb to the peak. I tried, but as of now I’m still around 1500ft up in the mountain. Glad Polar offered his help to type whatever I’ve written down. You see Polar is a great climber, small and dexterous, he climbs like a ninja. Ninja bear climbed up homework mountain a few times already, trying to help me in whatever ways he can. He gives me advices and strategies of climbing the mountain, but I would rather he give me physical help. He says he would love to but he is way too small to try carry me up. He doesn’t even have the strength to pull me up anyways. I am on my own I guess and there isn’t much time left. 1500ft left, a few days to go.

Perhaps I should cheat by using the helicopter instead. Maybe, but that will have to wait.

And meet my new friend I found along the way, he was playing the guitar while mehing away happily.
Meet my new friend

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