Getting Busier Every New Day

Ahh, weekends just come and go within the blink of the eye. Homework keeps piling up like there’s no tomorrow. It is like the saying goes, one mountain compared to another is taller than the other. So this homework mountain will never stop growing taller. For every new day, a new mountain is formed. This time, each new mountain becomes taller and taller as the homework stacks up. Managed to get rid of a few other holiday homework (yes 2 weeks after holidays and I’m still on them) and I believe I am left with just one set of worksheets left which I don’t have any intention of doing.

Projects projects and more projects. Believed I whined about all these already last year during this period of the year as well. Basically this term, (term 3/start of semester 2) is project term. No examinations for me just projects and more projects. For people who don’t manage their time properly, these projects will turn into monsters that scare the shit out of you. Yes, I crapped in my pants as I see the deadlines drawing nearer. Luckily, a few projects are group based so basically the workload is shared among the different members. Really sorry for those that are in my group for me being not competent enough to do much. Totally feeling the guilt right now. Still, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I hold the report within my hands with my mind thinking, hell yeah one project down, a few thousand more to go.Homework Graph

I’m glad at just one thing though, my math is getting better, I believe, as I attend each tuition session and use the math homework helpers. Foolish to pay money for me to sit down for that few hours to start practicing my math when I could do that at home for free saving the money to spend on other things. Still, blame me for being ill-disciplined and not determined enough to stick my butt on the chair and work on some sums. Feeling the vibes and joys of being able to solve equations. I used to feel like that back then in primary school when every math question to me was peanuts (excluding math olympia questions etc). Perhaps I can start regaining back that feeling once more. Now all there is left are my sciences, my weakest few subjects. I’ve got to get started, whether is it browsing through the textbook or staring at a few diagrams I have to put a foot down and start doing something.

I try my best to put my foot down onto any of the subjects. But somehow my foot always misses the book and there I go walking away from them again and again. No point talking, for I knew empty talk is nothing. Action is everything. Blah, needed to type more for I always feel better when my posts are longer.

Learning the guitar and glad I’ve decided to pick it up. Music clears one’s mind and it definitely does to me. The pain on my fingers slowly disappears as callus builds up on my finger tips. Oh, how I wished I was some child prodigy where I can master the guitar within a few weeks.

Very little time spent with polar. I’ve started getting the feeling that I’m losing him already. Maybe I’m starting to grow? Or perhaps I really do love him, them, it. Whichever.

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