The Moment of Truth

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Gotten back my results. Guess I did okay, not too good nor really too bad. But the results aren’t something I should really be proud of or whatsoever. Glad I didn’t fail any of my subjects, did poorly on papers which I felt was surprisingly easy, did averagely on paper I felt was normal, managing a pass for papers which I felt hard. Here the subjects and their respective grades:

Language Arts (English/Lit) 76%
Higher Chinese Language 56%
Core. Math (Elementary Math) 79%
Adv. Math 83%
Physics 56%
Chemistry 56%
Biology 61%
IHS (Mixture of humanities subjects) 73%

Guess I really have to work on my sciences as most of them are mere passes and that’s all. Glad my math survived all thanks to tuition. Chinese as usual, barely passing. The rest I guess was rather normal, nothing out of the ordinary. That’s all, nothing much to say except that later on is…

SURVIVAL SUNDAY! GO NEWCASTLE! Not like I support them or anything but just kind of feel pitiful for a club that deserves much more.

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