Beginning of School Life

School life had begun a month and weeks back. I however, consider the official beginning of school just maybe a week or two ago. Lessons are as per usual, teachers come in to teach and give us assignments, students going to their after school activities so on and so forth. School has not been of much difference from last year. The only things that have changed are the welcoming of female students as well as the longer school hours and thus assuming that indeed school will be much more taxing in the weeks and months to come.

For those wondering what subjects I actually take, they are Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (Yes, give me that blank face. I get that all the time) for the Higher Level subjects or rather H2 subjects in A Level terms, English, Chinese and Business and Management for my Standard Level subjects or H1 in other words. I’ve great goals and aims for the subject combination I’m taking. I mean from the way it seems, if I had the school’s average for each individual subject, I’ll be on my way to a rather good university in 4 years time (yes, an additional 2 years due to wonderful and fabulous time wasting activity called National Service). Maybe the subjects are easy? Not too sure about that but so far I think Computer Science and Physics would be the subjects for me to score while Mathematics at least a distinction would be perfect.

English is another subject that I worry about. I mean in the first lesson the teacher came in and said “Guys, be prepared to get 8 – 13 out of 25 for your assignments. It is normal.” Well, okay, maybe I need some acclimatization to such marks. I’ve had my fair share of terrible marks and god knows why last year, but I don’t think getting 8 out of 25 normal. If she say so, I guess I’ll just have to accept it. English has loads of books to read (English in IB is more of literature stuff), and I’ve yet to read a thick thick book that the teacher is about to go through within a month’s time. Oh well, I guess I’ll leave it to the holidays to rush through *procrastination detected*.

Computer Science is weird; there is a total candidature of 4 students including me. 3 others are scholars with previous experience and I’m the only one there being clueless when one of the student goes rambling on about computer related stuff (which to be honest sounds total bullshit and had no substance within it at all. Well he might have experience but he is talking way too much crap that his potential has. No offense but just shush for a while.) I hope that my passion and interest of the subject will pull me through the boring and tedious parts where we study things I feared most when considering the subject, the hard facts for example the Software Development Life Cycle.

Everything else is fine I guess, manageable so far with my other activities still ongoing. Didn’t continue serving the NPCC Squad (Might be one of my regrets? Damn, I sure do miss those days even though I whine a lot and that there are certain politics that wasn’t too favourable). I joined Hockey and some student publication thingy. Yep, Hockey as in field hockey, not ice. Always wanted to join a sports activity for I think sports is fun. It is tiring no doubt after each training and I’m aiming towards the school first’s team by next year. Really hope I can get in but competition is tough with all the other new comers as well as the current year 4s.

So far I’ve made some more friends, not too many but just some. Hope I’ll be able to make much more within the coming months and best before the overseas trip. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

[image by cflee via flickr]

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