Busy Busy Weeks Ahead

Haven’t been updating much because of the sheer amount of work the school gives. I guess it is kind of expected since this is my final year and the major examinations are just months away. So yeah, project submission dates, science reports, mini essays and so on. Aside from the project like work, we have the usual subject specific worksheets and so on. Oh and of course the term tests are approaching real soon.

Anyways, I have just finished one of the major bullshit of the IB course: the TOK (Theory of Knowledge, philosophy) presentation. Well I really hope that I pass and not have to redo or anything. I mean, I must be thankful to have markers that are known to be a little bit more lenient. Can’t say much until it is confirmed that I have passed though. My topic was on DRM (Digital Rights Management) in video games and yeah talking about whether is it ethical or not to impose such restrictions to consumers and stuff. It wasn’t fantastic, nor really philosophical in any sense but I guess it should work out well enough for a pass.

Nevertheless the week was hectic for me. A day before the presentation I overslept during the bus ride home, resulting in me spending a total of 2 hours of travelling time as compared to the usual hour. Of course the following day was a lucky day because of the above explanation. Yeah, so kind of a mixed week for me but I’ll take it. Next few weeks the term tests are about to begin. Hope that I’ll be able to pass all of them and not get qualified for the focus camp during the mid year holidays.

For now it is back to starting to do my work, got lots of overdue stuff to hand in. Get it? Back to “starting to do”? Yeah, I better stop procrastinating, it is bad. Oh and I just modified my desktop appearance a bit, take a look at it. Not final or anything, but looks kind of alright to me.

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