Holidays Again! A Month Shorter

The holidays are here again. People start going overseas, start going out, start partying, and start doing all kinds of stuff. Well, not exactly all kinds people but mostly the student population. Yeah, school is out and it is time to go wild! Not as wild as the previous few years though where we got a full 2 month break which is awesome. This time though, holidays barely a month and a half plus the addition of project work and stupid philosophy which means it theoretically should be much shorter.

If I remember correctly, I did find myself writing such posts in the years before about this complaint on the lack of “holiday” in the holidays. What I meant was how on earth is it considered a holiday should we be bothered with a hell lot of work? Yeah, you’re a student. You should study. No holidays. That is utter bullshit, when we become adults, there ain’t no more holiday. Wait a minute, there aren’t holidays in our lives at all! Ah, what a philosophical discovery! You see, in school we have homework during the holidays, projects and a hell load of nonsense such as philosophy essays. When you grow up, you have work and even after taking time off you get back you have to work double! Unless of course you’re the kind that sits back and does nothing while money just keeps flowing in through the taps. So the “holiday” word itself, is a myth! What a discovery!

Definition of vacation/holiday: leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure; Ah, I see, to have a true vacation or holiday you have to practice the art of blanking your mind. That is so important and apparently I can’t do that. I mean, yes I’m resting, playing lots and lots but somewhere in my mind, I just can’t throw that project that I have to complete by next year out of my head. It stays there buzzing like an irritating fly or something. Oh and for those people saying “Oh good time management balance between work and play, you become big big boss future!”, then it contradicts with the definition of a holiday already.

Well, I have to admit though that I have yet to touch any of my work. I mean it’s the holiday ya? Play more rest more don’t care about work more. Of course there also come the time at the last week where students get really really busy, busy doing the last bit or load of work and usually referencing from friends and stuff. Yeah, it is like the warm up for the new school year. So why a month shorter this year, maybe because I didn’t do well in my academics thus the compulsory study camp and retest which I barely managed to pass. That took out 2 weeks of the supposedly 2 months of holiday. Then we have the projects and stuff that I plan to dedicate 2 weeks (1 hour a day, or much less depending on how much the games and movies hook me up) to them. And thus we have only 1 month! All these calculations are only theoretically true though.

[image by: Christopher Sessums via flickr]

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