Hell Month

Ironically, the title coincides and relates with the Chinese 7th month, the ghost festival. Anyways today I’m writing not to talk about the ghost festival but more of school work and stuff. This month has been insane; or rather these past two weeks have been hectic and totally seem to destroy me mentally. Of course blame me for doing stuff last minute, but still all the deadlines are placed one after another and presentation slots allocated as well. It is crazy, philosophy presentation yesterday, English presentation today. Blame my luck though since my lucky random pick got me to the last slot of the class for English.

Philosophy was terrible as well, totally screwed it up and apparently whatever I presented didn’t make any sense for there was one major flaw that I failed to address. With that flaw in place, it is impossible to make any links with the arguments I have stated (according to my almighty teacher). But in any case, philosophy is interesting but the subject of Theory of Knowledge (ToK) in the IB Course is stupid. I totally hate it, talking about this leads to that and that and ultimately leads back to the same thing. I don’t see Steve Jobs using Reason to get people to buy his iPads (P1: iPad is an enlarged iPod Touch/Phone. P2: iPhone is awesome and you need it. P3: Big thing is good thing. C: Since the iPad is a big thing and is awesome, you should buy it), I don’t see that many great people use such things to great detail or basis towards their success stories. Of course they might have some philosophy behind their success, but the technical terms of ToK and all that fascinating bombastic nonsense seldom come into play.

Who gives a damn about whether an act is ethical or not, if the superiors want to do it, they don’t give a shit. Oh because it is through Reason that we start attacking but Emotion wise it is telling us not to do so. But on the other hand, through Emotion we tell ourselves we must attack else we are unable to make the world a safer place. Oh we employed the ethical theory of Utilitarianism. Wait actually that made kind of some sense. BUT, it is stupid nonetheless, I don’t see how studying all this philosophy is going to help me other than the fact that I get to practice some critical analysis so they say.

coporate philosophy comic

Anyways screw that, I’ll just have to live with it for another one and a half year. Just hope it doesn’t screw me up big time for my major examinations since it is counted towards the overall grade. To what extend can Reason justify the learning of Theory of Knowledge? I don’t have much fun with philosophy, nice to read, hard to understand and hardly helpful to know (at least for the majority).

Besides the ToK presentation, I just had my English literature presentation done. Not sure if I fare well or not but I guess if they mark leniently I’ll just get a nice average mark. Not sure though, seem to lose touch of literature since they started telling me you can’t bullshit your way through an essay. Well some people still can, but obviously my bullshitting skills ain’t up to that standard or are really just pure bullshit that got me my marks when literature was nothing but elaboration and more elaboration. Maybe it still is now, but you have to have more substance in your elaboration. Ah, never was good in my English anyways.

Also, I had my formal Chinese oral examinations done last week. Went ok, not really fantastic or up to my expectations. Screwed up when the teachers started asking me about my prewritten text. Alright I wrote something about treasuring today and stuff about regret. And then she started asking me what else did I regret in my life besides the ones stated in my prewritten text. God, I couldn’t say nothing right? But I hardly could think of one on the spot. Bullshitted, but didn’t fool the teacher. I wish I could say, no I don’t have any regrets that major so far but I simply had to say something. Thinking about that, maybe the regret is to have ToK as a subject (not like I have a choice though).

With that, my hell month is about to end on a very negative note, a whole day next Thursday totally dedicated to ToK. What the ……?

Motivational Poster Philosophy[comic by hartboy image by PaDumBumPsh]

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