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Busy Busy Weeks Ahead

Haven’t been updating much because of the sheer amount of work the school gives. I guess it is kind of expected since this is my final year and the major examinations are just months away. So yeah, project submission dates, science reports, mini essays and so on. Aside from the project like work, we have the usual subject specific worksheets and so on. Oh and of course the term tests are approaching real soon. Continue reading

Hell Month

Ironically, the title coincides and relates with the Chinese 7th month, the ghost festival. Anyways today I’m writing not to talk about the ghost festival but more of school work and stuff. This month has been insane; or rather these past two weeks have been hectic and totally seem to destroy me mentally. Of course blame me for doing stuff last minute, but still all the deadlines are placed one after another and presentation slots allocated as well. It is crazy, philosophy presentation yesterday, English presentation today. Blame my luck though since my lucky random pick got me to the last slot of the class for English. Continue reading