Holidays! Woohoo… NOT

Homework Joys

Week 1 of holidays are about up and I ain’t liking it one bit. Spent almost the whole week going out meeting friends for project work and stuff. Stuff in other words school related work and very little connection or relation with anything that is fun. I’m glad that at least I started a little on my math (2 out of around 50 + questions?) and that is about it. Project work is currently on its way to… half-way completion. Yet to climb 10% of the homework mountain. 3 weeks remaining. ARGH!

Many will say, why don’t you spend a whole week concentrating on your homework and finishing it up and go happy and lucky for the rest of the holidays? Well, I would love to, but my brain and mind doesn’t allow me to. Excuses, yes but just too bad I ain’t that disciplined. Excuses yet again. Never mind about that, I’ll try to passively finish up my homework and try my best to keep at most 70% of them for the last weekend before school reopens.

Recently I’ve been wanting so many things for myself. Just after getting my new computer I want to get a new bag, and  a guitar (I want to learn how to play it). I feel like a spoilt child wanting so much and not really working for it myself. I don’t really come from a rich family or so, therefore I can’t have whatever I want. So I guess I’ll make do without the new speakers for my computer and transfer that amount of money into the guitar while I use up my angbao money if possible for the bag. And I’ll try my very best not to want any more things after that.

One last thing. Suddenly got hyped over tennis after watching the Roland Garros Grand Slam over the television. Felt like trying tennis out but haven’t got the chance or opportunity to do so. Maybe one of the holidays I’ll hope by a friend’s house to play/learn tennis if possible. For now, I’ll be contended if I can play some virtual tennis. Now I want to buy Top Spin 3 for my PS3. Bleh… so much so for not wanting anymore things.

That basically sums up my feelings for my first holiday week and hope the rest of you are experiencing the same as me. For if that is the case, I wouldn’t be so sad.
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