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Finding Satisfaction

Striking off more and more things that I do not feel particularly excited about. I guess that is part of life, exploring different options and opportunities and understanding more about yourself. What you once thought you might like may just turn out to be something that is just “meh”. It will take time. Just got to keep telling yourself to push on.

Where art thou my dream job?

The End of Another Chapter

“Life is like a novel, you are the author and every day is a new page.” There are several major chapters in people’s life, and for me another chapter has come to an end. Whether my story will branch off to a positive or negative route heavily depends on how well I have written this particular chapter. This chapter of course is where I take my major examinations, the International Baccalaureate, and depending on how well I’ve performed, chances of entering the university of my choice will vary accordingly. Continue reading

Thank God It’s The Weekend

TGIF and TGITW. I’ve started to appreciate these acronyms much more this year. If you are not sure what it is, you must be living a stress-free life filled with fun every single day. Anyways, TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Friday and TGITW stands for Thank God It’s The Weekend. So why exactly have I come to appreciate them more? I’ve been using it almost unforgettably every Friday, whether is it on my twitter or just verbally saying it to friends and family. Yes, I’ve come to love and appreciate weekends much more simply because weekdays are killing me. Continue reading

Results Out Happiness Gone

Examination results were released days ago and of course that means that reality starts kicking in again. Until I get to pass that re-examination I’ll be worrying my ass off, while I should be at least. Anyways, I think I did pretty okay, nothing too spectacular or extremely terrible. If I were to compare with the rest of the cohort I would say a little below average? Yeah, not really average I guess, since it is a little bit lower than that of other people whose subject combination seems to be of much higher difficulty to that of mine. Of particular horribleness are the subjects Physics and Math which I both did rather badly. Continue reading

Final Battle 2009

Ready! Set…. Fi… I ain’t ready yet. I can’t set myself. I can’t fight. Bloody hell, it is just 3 days more till the start of the final battle of 2009. This battle would most probably be the same for almost every student who are currently studying (I don’t think it applies to university students). It is the end of year examinations, the most important examination of the whole year. Awesome stuff are always packed for the last. Continue reading

It is an Endless Road

Finished one, woohoo! Finished three, HELL YEAH! Looking ahead, I still got more. And more, and more. There isn’t an end to all this. Of course, life is like an endless road, so are my studies. Projects just keep coming in. Presentations just keep reappearing. Work, never ends. This mountain, has no peak. And I ain’t liking it one bit. Come on, give me a break. Reports after reports, presentations after projects, mini tests after test. That’s the life of a student and I shouldn’t be complaining. But hey, it is nice to let off steam and shit some times. I mean, it does good to your health. Keeping all the crap you get from school all by yourself ain’t cool. It gives you wrinkles. Continue reading

Getting Busier Every New Day

Ahh, weekends just come and go within the blink of the eye. Homework keeps piling up like there’s no tomorrow. It is like the saying goes, one mountain compared to another is taller than the other. So this homework mountain will never stop growing taller. For every new day, a new mountain is formed. This time, each new mountain becomes taller and taller as the homework stacks up. Managed to get rid of a few other holiday homework (yes 2 weeks after holidays and I’m still on them) and I believe I am left with just one set of worksheets left which I don’t have any intention of doing. Continue reading