Area 16 NPCC Survivor Camp 08

Just came back, yesterday to be exact, from my UYO (Uniform Youth Organization) NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps) Survivor Camp held at Pulau Ubin. Hmm, I have always disliked such camps as I hated the discomfort and tiresome activities that are carried out. But we did buy the top rated camping showers this time which made camping more comfortable because I could shower ever couple days. Call me spoilt or whatever but I admit it. I really wonder what I would become when it is time for me to serve the army. AHH! Thinking about that instantly gives me the shivers. Anyways, as I was saying, the camp was somewhat like the previous camp I attended not too long ago (around 6 months back) at Pulau Ubin as well (ATC, Adventure Training Camp). This time around, what were different were the activities that were carried out.

As usual and expected, we were suppose to sleep in tents, slug our guts out running here and there, calming and tolerating all the scolding and complaints by the officers in-charge and enjoying the last day of the camp as officers then were suddenly holy and nice. It is so cliché; everything was as if it was replayed from the previous camp. Same old words, same old scolding, same old everything. It was like watching the same video twice (but an exception of some other EXTRA bonus features).

P.S The following might bore you to death. Good for bed night stories.

Day 1, I dragged my pair of legs consoling myself constantly that it was only 3 days and just 2 nights of hell to school. I went late and I still do not give a damn about it. My school teachers and student officers checked the belongings etc and asked us to surrender our handphones and wallets. We then boarded the bus for a half an hour trip to Changi Jetty. Those 30 minutes felt as if they were just a matter of seconds. On the bus, I caught a cat nap hoping to console myself in my dreams that everything will be alright. Sat a boat then and travelled to Pulau Ubin where we had the first activity immediately carried out once all schools were present. The first activity *drum rolls* TREASURE HUNT. Great. We went around Pulau Ubin (not the whole place though, just a portion of it) searching for places using clues the instructors gave us. It was more like a history lesson or some sort of tour around the island just that it was without the tour guide. Learnt more about some of the places in Ubin but seriously, I have forgotten whatever that had been said currently. Oh I seem to have forgotten to mention that once we reached Ubin, we were separated into different groups (with members from all the different schools).

Day 1.5, we reached camp site and settled down a little. Taking a break from all the physical activities we had experienced so far (walking, jogging, running, erm listening?). We have to complete some administrative matters and the assigning of group names etc. If I remembered correctly, after all that was done, it was time to pitch the tents. We pitched the tent together with other school mates realizing that some of the other school cadets were hell of a gem. They tied the knots as if it was drinking water (what a shit analogy, but who cares) and the ropes were tight to the core that the tents were erected like it never did before. Well, I am not saying my school was bad, just that we were a little below their average. Tents were done, then came dinner I suppose. Ate noodles and what not (all the usual stuff. Canned food etc) before actually bringing all of our belongings to the tents they assigned us to. Glad to have a same school mate to sleep in one of the tent with me.

Day 1.75, the day was not over yet and the night was always young. We had some cheering session and had learnt of the different components that were about to take place during campfire night. After that, we had some kind of games and team building activities. Things such as passing a rubberband using straws from one person to another, tying each other legs and ankles up and walking to a certain point blah blah blah.

Day 1.9, there was luckily no fire drills etc. Thank god.

Day 2, the day which usually is the busiest of them all. The rather interesting start to the day was the punishment. One camper did not tuck in his shirt as he walked to the toilet and that angered the almighty instructors. They then ordered us as if they were commandments to strip and wear all of our shirts and trackpants inside out. The almighty instructors then ask us to take a jog (for Physical Training) around the campsite towards the secondary 2 campers to of course humiliate us all. Oh well, who cares anyways. I will skip on all the boring aspects and jump to the main activities of the day. Firstly, were the high rope challenges. There were 3 different routes each of the campers could take. They differ from their difficulties; Hardest, easy and easy. I, of course, took the easier one of the easies and cleared it with not much of a problem. After that was the learning of SURVIVOR skills such as primitive fire starting and temporary shelter building. The primitive fire starting was kind of stupid, as they gave us MATCHES to start a fire. All we had to do was a little treasure hunt finding the match box and a spot to start a fire as well as gathering resources to burn. It was as if we were lost and we had matches to help us. It would be a whole lot fun if we had to use like wood and wood or whatever to create sparks and so on. Temporary shelter building was poorly done by my group. We actually had not shelter at all. Instead we just used our ponchos to cover our top as the instructors summoned “rain” on us. We did not get really wet but even if we did, it was refreshing. Cool WATER running down our body was simply sensational (at least for me).

Day 2.5, was the water confidence activity. It was actually a jetty jump. God damn it I did not bring an extra pair of shoes. Begged the instructors to let me off and they said “Just go, It’ll be dried by the next activity” LIES ALL LIES! Almighty instructors why do you treat me like a 3 year old? But it is my fault partially for being retarded knowing beforehand that there would be such an activity and allowing my lazy self to overtake and not bring an extra pair of shoes. OF WE GO, I jump and well, got wet and had soggy legs for the rest of the 1.5 days or 1 day at least. Got dried changed etc before proceeding for dinner and the other games etc.

Day 2.8, campfire night was as usual, happy and gay. We cheered we laughed we did whatever they asked us to. Well it was fun, I suppose as the next day is where I kiss goodbye to bloody hell (for me only). Good night brothers, Good night sisters, good night whatever I don’t give a damn.

Day 3; the day that was supposedly slackest day of all. We just had to clean up the areas and then have some fun and friendly talk with the almightiness as if they were mortals once. And after that home sweet home. Thanks for reading the boring stuff of my life. Good night readers, Good night viewers, good night whatever, and whatever and whatever whatever. (I forgotten that erm song? Cheer? Whatever)

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