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Angry Viking SnoShred Green Jump iPhone Games Review

We have angry Vikings going on rampage, exciting snowboarding action and green peace awareness games to share with you! Yup in this round-up of iPhone/Touch games review, we have these three games of totally different genres. Angry Viking is an action survival game, SnoShred a snowboarding sports game and Green Jump an arcade styled game that donates 25 cents for every purchase at the appstore. Continue reading

Dead Strike Review

Dead Strike is a horror survival game out for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The whole game concept and main objective is simple, stay alive for as long as you can and try not to get killed by the zombies. Yup, zombies get involved yet again. Think Left 4 Dead, the game is rather similar in terms of what you actually do in the game. You run from a starting point towards the ending point (the hospital, more on the story of the game later on), killing or avoiding zombies along the way. Once you reach the ending point, the level ends. Continue reading

iPhone Minigore Review

Minigore is a survival shooter for the iPhone/iPod. You play as John Gore, armed with a pistol with the luck of getting a shotgun later on, you fight off furries as you try to stay alive as long as possible. Furries that are present in the game, come in 4 different shapes and sizes. A mini basic one, the fire furry (alliteration to emphasize the coolness of the monster), a big furry and lastly the biggest furry. Each have their own abilities and skills for example the fire furry runs as fast as how forest fire spreads, the big furry produces mini furries when shot and lastly the biggest furry produces big furry when shot. That is the basic outline of the game. Continue reading

Area 16 NPCC Survivor Camp 08

Just came back, yesterday to be exact, from my UYO (Uniform Youth Organization) NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps) Survivor Camp held at Pulau Ubin. Hmm, I have always disliked such camps as I hated the discomfort and tiresome activities that are carried out. But we did buy the top rated camping showers this time which made camping more comfortable because I could shower ever couple days. Call me spoilt or whatever but I admit it. I really wonder what I would become when it is time for me to serve the army. AHH! Thinking about that instantly gives me the shivers. Anyways, as I was saying, the camp was somewhat like the previous camp I attended not too long ago (around 6 months back) at Pulau Ubin as well (ATC, Adventure Training Camp). This time around, what were different were the activities that were carried out.

As usual and expected, we were suppose to sleep in tents, slug our guts out running here and there, calming and tolerating all the scolding and complaints by the officers in-charge and enjoying the last day of the camp as officers then were suddenly holy and nice. It is so cliché; everything was as if it was replayed from the previous camp. Same old words, same old scolding, same old everything. It was like watching the same video twice (but an exception of some other EXTRA bonus features).

P.S The following might bore you to death. Good for bed night stories.

Continue reading