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Minigore is a survival shooter for the iPhone/iPod. You play as John Gore, armed with a pistol with the luck of getting a shotgun later on, you fight off furries as you try to stay alive as long as possible. Furries that are present in the game, come in 4 different shapes and sizes. A mini basic one, the fire furry (alliteration to emphasize the coolness of the monster), a big furry and lastly the biggest furry. Each have their own abilities and skills for example the fire furry runs as fast as how forest fire spreads, the big furry produces mini furries when shot and lastly the biggest furry produces big furry when shot. That is the basic outline of the game.

Minigore sets player into a world of cuteness and beauty (I find the graphics cute anyways), a fully 3D rendered world filled with stones, bushes, and dark corners. The whole atmosphere of the survive the onslaught is totally brought out even when the game looks so cute itself. The irony of a cute survival horror game totally works out as you work your way killing the cute monsters. The game also provides a sweet soundtrack to further liven up the feeling and atmosphere. If you’re not totally into that, the game do allows you to play your own music as you blast your way through the global highscore rankings.

Minigore Title Screen

The simplicity of the game results in it being addictive. Sometimes you just got to understand that simplicity is sleekness and an exquisite trait. You don’t have to put together a million of guns with another million of quests to make people want to try play it. Minigore does just that. The idea is simple. Survive the longest you can and at the mean time, rake up some points. The surviving provides the gameplay, the points provides the replay value. Pair the simple yet smart concept of the game with the ease of superb controls and you get a game that is worth high praises for. That is not all, it allows you to go into a superman mode (a bull in Minigore) after collecting 4 pieces of leaves. In this mode, you get to destroy every furry in your way even the largest and fattest.Minigore Gameplay

This whole review seems like a advertisement after reading through once, but I just can’t help but say the game is totally worth the money you pay for. For just $0.99, you get endless of hours of gameplay time as you try your best to up the local or global highscores by a thousand or two. With all that said, the game isn’t perfect for nothing in this world is. If it does have some more additional content maybe a customization of the character or perhaps a new power up where you get to disguise yourself as the furry itself would make the game close to perfection.

If you haven’t had the game yet, I suggest you do buy it for it is fun and doesn’t really cost much. If you love perhaps games such as left4dead and nation red or the likes of them (survival shooting games), you should get Minigore for it is like a bite-sized version of them with an additional cute factor.

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