iPhone Block Drop Puzzle Game Review

Here I have yet another puzzle game to present to you. This time, this puzzle game is a port of a flash game. The game is again simple, yet challenging. Simple in the sense that the graphics it presents, the concept behind the whole game is straightforward and uncomplicated. The puzzles, however, are all challenging and pose a difficulty to many. To complete all stages require not only high intellectual powers but also high patience. Sometimes you got to think a little more to get the answers in a test right?

Block Drop is a game where you are presented with a ball and blocks that you can jump from. Everytime you jump away from a block to another, the block you are originally from will sink. There is a end point or finishing block where you must land after sinking ALL of the other blocks. It is simple as it is. Sink all the block before landing on the finishing block. You are given two ways of jumping. One is the normal jump from block A to B. While the other allows you to jump two blocks at a time. For example from A to C, rather than A to B than B to C. Applying both the singular and double jump, you have to find your way through the 999 puzzles. That is right, nine hundred ninety nine levels to play. That’s quite a lot don’t you think so?

Block Drop Puzzle Game

Every 9 level completed you get to play a bonus stage. This bonus stage is something that maybe most would prefer since it is the easiest and bypasses the thinking energy. All you have to do is survive until the finishing point. You are presented with a starting block and as time passes blocks will appear and you will have to jump on them. Be fast else be prepared to drop into the waters! Kind of refreshing and I guess it is something like a resting stage where you rest your brains for awhile before continuing another 9 more levels.
Block Drop Puzzle Game Survival Stage

The game graphics are sufficient to keep your eyes happy. Nothing too fancy or anything. The background changes its colour every new stage to tell you that yes that there are still another 900 more new puzzles to go. Music is pleasant and is randomly generated after each level. I myself, on the other hand, decided to hear my own music for it might give me some other new inspiration. Besides after playing long the music might actually be different but whatever you hear sounds the same.

If you’re a competitive puzzle gamer, you are allowed to upload your scores to the internet and see how the rest of the people are doing. If you’re the kind that gives up easily, fret not for there’s a function that allows you to see the solution for the particular level. And if you feel that you have enough of a hint, you can stop the solution and follow at where it ends. Great addition to puzzle games I must say.

I have just one problem with the game. The camera angle. If the camera angle was adjustable or movable, everything would be perfect. You see sometimes to puzzle would stretch out rather long and the only way to see the next part to the puzzle would be to reach a block close to the screen. That defeats the purpose of thinking ahead for you most probably cannot see what is actually ahead of you. Another thing would be the height of each of the blocks. Some blocks are stacked so high that you can hardly see where you are. Even with the mini-map, it is hard to tell how tall the block you are on and whether it requires sinking first or not.
Block Drop Puzzle Game Issue

For $0.99, you get 999 levels. Doing basic math gets you a mere $0.10 per 99 levels and you get hours of gameplay time. Extremely value for money especially for puzzle fans. You can also take a look at the free browser version and get an idea of how the game is played. Take a look at Block Drop for the link to the app as well as the browser version. Lite version available as well.

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