Mezopuzzle iPhone Puzzle Game Review

If you’ve remembered a few days back I did post an article on this game. It is called Mezopuzzle and like its name suggests, it is a puzzle game for the iPhone/iTouch. Mezopuzzle bases itself purely on shifting block puzzles and the theme it has is the maya mythology. There is a minor storyline behind the game and it basically unfolds itself as you pass each level. Completion of levels gives you an opportunity to learn more about the maya mythology as well as giving you new harder challenges as the difficulty of puzzles increases.

I’ll be very frank with you and that is the fact that I do not like puzzle games much. Well I do like puzzles once in a while in adventure games etc or perhaps games like the professor layton on the Nintendo DS where the puzzle varies from a huge variety but Mezopuzzle wasn’t really the game for me. There isn’t any variation in the gameplay concept, for the game itself is a block puzzle game anyways. Calling itself a block puzzle game would simply meant that the whole game would be block puzzles. And that may just put off players.
Mezopuzzle Level Selection

The graphics are very simple yet sufficient. The difficulty of puzzles scales as you progress and the sense of achievement always comes by whenever you complete a level. The facts of the maya mythology might appeal to the minority but the majority would simply close an eye and proceed towards the next level. Of course it is great to have a breather after cracking your brain for long minutes and that perhaps is the purpose of these short intervals between levels.

Scores are given after the completion of each level. The score varies according to the number of moves you used as well as the total time taken to complete the puzzle. The lesser moves you make in a smaller time frame would simply equate to the highest score you can get. Highscore tables present for both local and global for you to challenge your friends to see who is the smartest of them all.
Mezopuzzle Solving Puzzles

For $0.99 I strongly recommend puzzle lovers especially people who love block puzzles  to buy it. No harm spending a dollar on a game that trains your brain. For casual players who simply want to look for some fun thinking, perhaps there might be some other game out there for you. Else if you’re like me who do not actually play puzzle games, there isn’t the “wow” factor present in Mezopuzzle that makes me encourage all to play. For now, it is considered an average game I guess. Nothing too special or out of the ordinary. A simple thinking puzzle game.

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