Napsters iPhone Board and Puzzle Game

From the creators of Mezopuzzle comes Napsters.

Napsters official logo

Napsters is absolutely innovative for iPhone board and puzzle game in which player have to awake charming pink creatures and not to spoil their moods, if you love board games you should definitely check out Board Games Australia for more options.

Napsters is the name of joyous multocular beings living in iPhone. They peacefully sleep in their cells and never wake up on their own. The only way to arouse them is pushing special Red Buttons. Each cell with a Napster is surrounded by four buttons. To wake a sleepyhead player has to press the appropriate number of buttons around the corresponding cell. A clever touch results in opening of Napster’s eyes. Napsters can be absolutely blind or one-, two-, three- and even four-eyed. Every creature requires special attitude.

Change in moods of the Napsters in cells indicated the task completion. If a player does everything right, the palette of Napsters spirits is as follows: listless and sleepy, cheerful and happy. But if the player overdoes, creatures become querulous, dissatisfied and eventually come to very bad moods. Properly awakened Napsters smile and have all their eyes opened. It means the level is successfully complete.

Total number of unique game levels is 90. Plus, the player can make designs of his own with a help of level editor that enables infinite play to Napsters!

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For now, some screenshots:
Napsters 1
Napsters 2

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