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iPhone Rolldoku Review

rolldokuRolldoku is a fresh new take on the concept behind Sudoku. It is a puzzle game that requires you to fill in boxes within a grid and ensure that within each huge box, row and column, there is only one unique individual number (meaning numbers 1 – 9 without any repetition within that row, column or huge box). Instead of filling in numbers at will, rolldoku requires players to roll and scroll through a cylinder of numbers, swap the rows around etc in order to complete the puzzle. Continue reading

iPad Pinch 2 HD Review

Pinch is back again! The fun and intelligent puzzle game has a new sequel with all new challenging puzzles that will make your brain work! For those who are unaware of the game, Pinch 2 HD is based on the exact same concept of Pinch: You are to combine, split, mix and match the different coloured norbs (the circular balls) to access different places within a particular level. The ultimate aim is to get the required amount of norbs into the finishing line. That comes with some thinking as each level consists of several puzzle elements such as switches, pit holes and so on! Read on for the in-depth review. Continue reading

iPad Elixir Master HD Review

Elixir Master HD is the iPad version of Elixir Master for the iPhone. The main difference between the HD version and the normal one lies in the interface and graphical aspect. Of course the iPad HD version has graphics of, higher definition. Other than that the gameplay and game content is pretty much similar to the iPhone version. Elixir Master is a game where players have to make potions to serve their customers. It is not so simple though as customers are grumpy, impatient and there are many other obstacles in your way. Continue reading

iPhone Fragger Game Review

Fragger LogoThere are many games that follow the formula of the popular Angry Birds: throwing stuff, destroying objects within the support of a physics engine that makes things interesting. Fragger is something like that, but instead of flying birds and exploding pigs, you get to fling dangerous grenades to destroy the enemies. Recently, they have just introduced a free Christmas update, which includes new levels with a Christmas theme overarching them, allowing players to not only enjoy the game even more but also to build up the pre-Christmas hype. Continue reading

RailRoad Racer 3D Titan Ball Dropzap 2 iPhone Games Review

We have loads of shooting, zapping and plenty of action to keep you entertained on your iOS device for quite some time. This time we have the following 3 games to review: RailRoad Racer 3D, Titan Ball and Dropzap 2. RailRoad Racer 3D is kind of an action arcade game, Titan Ball is a futuristic action sports game while Dropzap 2, the continuation of Dropzap which I reviewed a year back, is a puzzle game something like tetris and Drop7. The individual reviews after the jump. Continue reading

Stack the States Pinch and Rodger the Racoon iPhone Games Review

roundup5featuredimageIn this iPhone games review round-up, I have a variety of games to show you. They range from educational puzzle games to an app that teaches you or rather amuse you with foul language. Stack the States is an interesting educational game which teaches you about the different states within the United States. Pinch on the other hand is a puzzle game that requires players to think and plan in order to succeed. Lastly, Rodger the Racoon is an app that amuses you with some foul sentences and phrases. Read on a more detailed look at each game an app. Continue reading

iPhone Discover the magic of M.C. Escher Review

Todays iPhone app that I will be reviewing isn’t so much of fun from games but instead it is fun from viewing some of the most amazing works by M.C. Escher. M.C. Escher (Maurits Cornelis Escher in full) was a Dutch graphic artist who is known for his mathematically inspired works, and these often featured impossible constructions such as in infinite staircase and so on. What this app does, is share the joy and magic that this great man produced, and if you’re looking for some mesmerizing pictures to look at, this app certainly does just that. Continue reading