RailRoad Racer 3D Titan Ball Dropzap 2 iPhone Games Review

We have loads of shooting, zapping and plenty of action to keep you entertained on your iOS device for quite some time. This time we have the following 3 games to review: RailRoad Racer 3D, Titan Ball and Dropzap 2. RailRoad Racer 3D is kind of an action arcade game, Titan Ball is a futuristic action sports game while Dropzap 2, the continuation of Dropzap which I reviewed a year back, is a puzzle game something like tetris and Drop7. The individual reviews after the jump.

RailRoad Racer 3D

RailRoad Racer 3D is an action arcade game that puts you into a situation of guns and rollercoaster rides (or rather mining cart rides, doesn’t really matter). You are riding on a cart throughout a track filled with treacherous obstacles, gun ammunition, gold bars and health packs. What you have to do is to simply survive on the track for as long as you can. Not sure what kind of race this is by this is definitely a race for your life. Scores are awarded as you survive through the track.

You are given 2 guns to shoot and prevent yourself from smashing into objects. There are these few wooden hurdles that needs to be destroyed using your gun. Failure to do so results in a loss of health. Guns have limited ammo, and ammo can be replenished by grabbing ammo packs along the way. This however, shouldn’t be taken for granted as it is by pure luck that ammo comes by. Ammo all used up? Better pray for a pack to come by else you’ll just have to settle with smashing through the wooden obstacles. There are holes along the way as well and you have to jump over them. There are bonus objects along the way to pick up and that is done by a simple button press. Pick up everything except the dynamites, self explanatory.

Controls are simple, press the buttons that are titled with their individual actions to perform them. For example the shooting button is on the ride and tapping it makes your guy shoots. Graphics are okay for a mobile game, but gets kind of boring as you progress through the level. Different levels to choose from but the only difference is with the scenery it renders. The game is well, okay for the start boring after some time. Definitely doesn’t have much replay value except for the leader board which I think many people wouldn’t even bother with. The fun you get with the $0.99 you pay for isn’t that much, try out their other game called: Rail Adventures FREE which is free and of similar gameplay. If you liked it, feel free to spend the money on RailRoad Racer 3D.

Rating: 5/10

RailRoad Racer 3D ($0.99) Appstore Link

Titan Ball

It says on their app page: “THE SPORT OF THE FUTURE”, no I really hope not. What I’m trying to say is using guns to fire at each other shouldn’t be a sport, well I can hardly imagine it being one anyways. Anyways you control these different types of guns and turrets and shoot at balls that appear on the arena. What you have to do is to simply shoot these balls and make them drop into your opponent’s zone. By doing so awards you with points. First person to reach certain amount of points wins. It is as simple as it is.

Choosing from different types of guns, machine guns, other machine guns, some sort of laser guns etc, the main strategy of the gun doesn’t deviate much, at least for me. I mean, it seems to be more of mindless blasting at the balls rather than anything strategic or skillful like what sports should be. If anyone knows of a tactic to win or something please do give me a tip. All I did while playing was blast at the balls, reload and blast again. There are these different coloured balls to aim, one belonging to you, the other the opponent and lastly a bonus one. I think I’m supposed to shoot his coloured ball to his zone to gain points while the bonus gives bonus points. However, the winning strategy I found is to simply shoot everything to his side. I don’t believe seeing myself getting any penalty of any sort.

The controls are smooth, double tap to reload and hold on at whichever area you want to shoot at. Graphics are okay, nothing too outstanding or worthy to singly mentioned. Sound can be rather loud and irritating after some time so tuning down the volume is recommended. I mean the sound effects of guns are okay, but they are just of one sound and it just goes BAAAAAAAM throughout, pierces my ears badly after some time of continuous listening.

The concept is roughly there though it is highly unfinished. Best if it is a mini-game of some sort but definitely not a finished product at its current state.

Rating: 5/10

Titan Ball ($0.99) Appstore Link

Dropzap 2

Ah dropzap, the tetris like game that got my father and myself hooked up for quite some time. You have to admit tetris is addictive and so is dropzap. It plays like tetris where the objective is to simply clear the tiles for as long as you can. It works quite differently though in the sense that clearing of blocks is done by simply dropping the given tile at a spot and it zaps everything downwards and sideways. Blocks are of different sizes and only blocks of the smallest size get zapped into thin air while others get zapped smaller. Every time that particular column of blocks drops a row, it zaps again at that particular point. Hard to explain but please see the gameplay video for a better idea on how it works.

Dropzap 2 similar to that of dropzap but with an added amount of difficulty. The game now introduces the concept of shapes. Squares are like obstacles that can never be zapped through. For example, 3 circles then a square and then 1 more circle below it. Zapping that particular column will only zap all the way till the square and not the last circle. This also applies to horizontal zapping. This adds a degree of difficulty as well as logical planning and thinking. It ain’t that simple any more but I’m sure some people will come out with some crazy ass formula or theory to beat the game.

The game modes are similar to that of the first version. You have a level based mode where you have to clear a specific amount of blocks within the level to proceed. Secondly, a mode where you are to survive for as long as you can. Thirdly, a mode that takes time into consideration but is level based. Fourthly, a time survival mode. Lastly, a two player mode that is hell loads of fun.

If you’re looking for an additional challenge or simply a puzzle game that keeps you thinking, dropzap 2 is definitely the game for you. For people who have not gotten enough of the first dropzap or simply feels that you need something of higher difficulty, dropzap 2 is there for you as well! Dropzap 2 is a solid puzzle game. Although the addition to the first version isn’t that much, it is significant and worthy enough for it to be sold as a new game itself.

Rating: 7.5/10

Dropzap 2 ($0.99) Appstore Link

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