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iPhone Gravity Guy Review

Gravity Guy is a fast paced action platformer that plays with the concept of gravity. You play as a guy, who was held captive for defying the gravity laws. Not happy being imprisoned, he decides to escape. That is where you come in. You are to guide his escape from the persistent gravity guards by flipping gravity whenever needed and running away as fast as you can. Continue reading

Shoot to Kill HD Review

Shoot to Kill is an action arcade survival game for the iPhone as well as the iPad. This review is based on the HD version for the iPad. The gameplay and overall feel to the game should, however, be similar for both devices. The basic outline of the game is to simply shoot your way through the depths of hell and survive till you get out of it. Yeah, don’t ask me how the hell you smuggled a gun in. Read on for the review. Continue reading

RailRoad Racer 3D Titan Ball Dropzap 2 iPhone Games Review

We have loads of shooting, zapping and plenty of action to keep you entertained on your iOS device for quite some time. This time we have the following 3 games to review: RailRoad Racer 3D, Titan Ball and Dropzap 2. RailRoad Racer 3D is kind of an action arcade game, Titan Ball is a futuristic action sports game while Dropzap 2, the continuation of Dropzap which I reviewed a year back, is a puzzle game something like tetris and Drop7. The individual reviews after the jump. Continue reading

PC The Great White Destroyer Review

The Great White Destroyer is an Indie PC game developed by independent developer Backyard Ninja. It plays as an arcade action game, something to that of a beat’em up (more of eat’em up in this case) where the main objective is to simply destroy and eat whatever that is in your way. You play as a great white shark and like the title of the game states, you are a destroyer. Yes you destroy everything and anything that pisses you off along the way land or sea. Continue reading

iPad Monsters Love Gum Game Review


Starting Title ScreenMonsters Love Gum is an arcade styled game best played with family and friends. It is out only for the iPad due to the way the game is being played. The main objective of the game is to simply eat as many gums as possible, and eat them as fast as you can. The player who eats a certain amount of gum before the rest wins the round/game. It plays something like hungry hippos if you know what game that is. So how does the game actually fair? Is it as yummy as gum? Read on to find out more. Continue reading