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Gravity Guy is a fast paced action platformer that plays with the concept of gravity. You play as a guy, who was held captive for defying the gravity laws. Not happy being imprisoned, he decides to escape. That is where you come in. You are to guide his escape from the persistent gravity guards by flipping gravity whenever needed and running away as fast as you can.Gravity Guy Title

The game is extremely simple, tap on the screen to flip gravity. You will be running and running for all 30 different levels in 3 different worlds. Levels are designed in a way that you will be running on platforms with obstacles on the way. Whenever faced with an obstacle, immediately flip gravity to go around it by running above it. There are also many breakages in the platform. This is also when you must flip gravity to go to the other possible route. It is vital that you flip at the correct time and not get stuck running against an obstacle for too long as there is an oncoming gravity guard. Run too slowly and let him catch up will result in him vaporizing you.Gravity Guy Gameplay

There are checkpoints throughout the worlds that allow you to continue from whenever you die. Checkpoints are often placed after a length of a challenging obstacle course. The first few checkpoints are of easier difficulty but as soon as you reach the 10th checkpoint onwards (I assume it is the 2nd world since the background changes as well), the difficulty becomes much tougher. The challenge is definitely there but sometimes it might turn into frustration for it might be simply too tough. The best remedy though is to put down the game for awhile and get back later. I find it really useful as a fresh mind helps in this crazy bending of gravity. (these checkpoints might actually be the indication of a new level. So there should be around 10 checkpoints within 1 world and it is just a continuation of running on and on. I seem to be closed to completion when comparing my score with the highscore board and so far it is just one whole huge length of level separated with checkpoints)Gravity Guy Multiplayer Gameplay

There is also a local multiplayer mode where a total of 4 players can challenge each other on the same device. The problem, however, is that the screen of the iPhone is way too small. 4 players would mean 4 heads clashing together trying to tap their corners of the touch screen. Playing on the iPad and upscaling the game works much better for the multiplayer mode but graphics suffer as such. Multiplayer objectives are simple; last man standing wins. Fall behind the pack and get eliminated. The multiplayer is rather fun, if you can grab a few friends that is. The lack of online multiplayer is quite evidently a down side to the game but maybe a few updates in the future will introduce it?Gravity Guy Multiplayer

Graphics are alright, with the overall theme consisting of the platform and background changing with each major world. You will often be running too fast or be too occupied looking for obstacles ahead to be actually looking at the details of the platform or the background. There is also the presence of background music that doesn’t seem to change at all and is set on loop throughout the game. It does exhilarate the heart with all the fast running and stuff but as soon as you get past the 10th or so checkpoint it becomes more of an annoyance (You can play your own music though). Sound effects are minimal and nothing much to comment on.

Overall the game should last in short burst but should not be something that keeps you going on and on for hours. The gameplay gets repetitive fast but the challenge is what keeps players going on. It is an above the average game for the price tag of $0.99. If you are into platforming games or fast paced action, you might want to give the game a try. There is also a free flash version to allow you to try out the mechanics and concept of the game. Loved the flash version? Then definitely get it to allow you to game while you are on the go.

iTunes App Store Link: Gravity Guy $0.99

Miniclip Free Flash Version: Gravity Guy Flash

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