iRoach 2 iPhone Game Review

iRoach 2 is an arcade kill them all game whereby it puts players into a situation where bugs go crawling across your screen and you simply tap them to squish squash and splatter them. The more bugs you kill the higher your score. Do note to leave the beautiful colourful and sexy lady bugs alone else you will receive a point penalty.iRoach Game Menu

The game is simple. You are given a limited time to squish as many of the ugly bugs that crawl across your screen. The more bugs you squish, the more points you get. Individual types of bugs and insects give you different amount of points. You tap the bugs as they run across to kill them, spam your tapping and be prepared to have your points deducted. Therefore only accuracy and speed matters, button smashing is not going to get you anywhere. Different types of insects require different number of taps to kill. They also move at various different speed thus be prepared to become as quick and alert as a ninja in order to kill everything you see.

Thats that, nothing more nothing less. What I described is what you get. I hope they do add additional modes etc in future or perhaps different background for killing bugs, power ups maybe or something. The game is simply way too simplistic and the fun just last for that first few play-throughs. Play the first time and you probably seen everything there is to see. In addition they added facebook and openfeint support, something extra I guess.iRoach Gameplay

Sound effects are limited and boring. What I liked however was the light background music at the menu screen. Other than that, the graphics are alright, nothing too spectacular. The bugs do look ugly and the red ladybug shines from the rest. Squishing the bugs give you a sight of utter gory bloody bug blood giving you the sense of victory and happiness that you have never gotten before in real life. All in all it is alright for an arcade game, fun for a while but the fun does not really last very long. Do try out the lite version to see if the game appeals to you.

P.S I do feel happy that I’m able to kill those bloody roaches in the game. I mean it is satisfying especially when you don’t dare to kill in real life. Yeah, DIE DIE DIE.

P.P.S If you always hated cockroaches and all those nuisance insects (though they actually play a major part in the eco system) this game might be a good opportunity for you to let out all the anger and rage.

iRoach 2 $0.99 AppStore Link

P.P.P.S They do have an iPad edition in the makings, do look like it is richer in terms of features. Take a look at the screenshot below:

iRoach iPad EditioniRoach iPad Edition

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