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PC The Great White Destroyer Review

The Great White Destroyer is an Indie PC game developed by independent developer Backyard Ninja. It plays as an arcade action game, something to that of a beat’em up (more of eat’em up in this case) where the main objective is to simply destroy and eat whatever that is in your way. You play as a great white shark and like the title of the game states, you are a destroyer. Yes you destroy everything and anything that pisses you off along the way land or sea. Continue reading

iRoach 2 iPhone Game Review

iRoach 2 is an arcade kill them all game whereby it puts players into a situation where bugs go crawling across your screen and you simply tap them to squish squash and splatter them. The more bugs you kill the higher your score. Do note to leave the beautiful colourful and sexy lady bugs alone else you will receive a point penalty. Continue reading