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Auditorium Game TitleAuditorium was first introduced on the PC through their very own website www.playauditorium.com some time ago. On their site, they have the flash version for people to try out the game before actually purchasing it. Recently, they have ported the game over to the iPhone and iTouch. Auditorium is a puzzle game that simply fascinates people with the genius concept and wonderful music.

Auditorium is a puzzle game that emphasizes on the puzzle solving aspect as well as the music section, thus the name “auditorium”. You basically have to guide a flow of particles into audio containers. You have to completely fill up every single audio container before you can proceed to the next stage. In other words you have to guide the flow of particles into all the different containers at each single level to advance. To guide the particles into the containers, you have to use the different set of movable pieces provided specifically for each level. These movable pieces help change the direction of the particles so as to enable you to guide them to the places you want them to go. There are many different types of pieces you can use. Mix and match and you get various results that will help you complete the level. For example there are the basic pieces that allow you to change the direction of the particles while there are more advanced pieces that forms some can of magnetic field in the centre resulting in the particles to circle the centre. As you progress through the levels, you get to use the more advanced pieces together with the basic few you get at the very beginning.

Auditorium 1

To slightly increase the difficulty, you are required to supply specific coloured particles to the different containers. And to do so, you are to guide the particle into an area where the particles will change in colour before it finally reaches the containers. The colours used not only make the game slightly more difficult, it makes the game look outstandingly marvellous. The graphics are simple, just a few pieces here and there plus the particles. But still, it looks really good when you see the particles flow in all directions in their various colours filling up the different containers. This is when I must use the phrase simplicity is beauty. Simple and sleek.

Auditorium 3

Of course I might have been a little over the graphics but maybe it is due to the masterpieces that you hear for each level. The music is simply magnificent. The music comes whenever you fill the different containers. Each container provide a certain harmony and when you fill every single container up, you get to hear the whole symphony with all the harmony being played together. It is rewarding, and of course relaxing. After frustrating yourself with the level, you have my word that the music will smoothen your mind and prepare you for the next puzzle. Auditorium is simply does no wrong blending the puzzle genre with music.

Auditorium 6

The iPhone version only has one problem. The length of the original game. The game is tagged with a $2.99 price tag, pretty costly for an iPhone game. It is even more disheartening to hear that the game comes with DLC that have their individual price tags as well. This feeling worsens when you finish the game within 2 hours of gameplay. Yes, pay $2.99 and you only get 2 hours of gameplay. The original game comes with 25 levels in total. Additional levels can be purchased for $0.99, adding around 14-17 levels per pack you buy. This adds up to a rather undesirable amount if you really want to experience the game to the max since the starting few levels of the original version is extremely easy. Therefore the only problem is the price of the game.

There is the web version to try out as well as the lite version on the iPhone. I really recommend you to play the web or lite version before purchasing the game since you will definitely want to spend more than $2.99 to get the DLC packs that will add on the gameplay experience.

official site: http://www.playauditorium.com/

p.s The full flash version costs $10.99 and that includes over 70 levels. Do the math yourself and decide whether you want to buy the flash or the iPhone version.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone Auditorium – Music Puzzle Game Review”

  1. Completing the first 5 acts in 2 hours is generous. I did it in half that. Still, it is an intoxicating and original game. Frankly if they’d charged $5.96 for the whole package from the start I’d probably have just thought ‘that is expensive but worth it’ rather than conned

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    1. Totally agree on the game being original.

      Quite true about the pricing part. The $2.99 price tag is pretty harsh to many because of the lack of content I guess. Maybe they’ll look into it if sales are bad or something.

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