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PC Ongaku Game Review

Ongaku means music in Japanese. Ongaku, like the name itself, is a music rhythm game created by indie developers Smashmouth Games. Think along the lines of guitar hero, rock band and of course dance dance revolution back then that started it all (at least for me). Notes come flying and you tap the different keys accordingly as you listen to the music that is being played. This genre is proven to be great fun for all types of gamers and of all ages. Ongaku is played with no additional gadget but your old good keyboard. How does it fair among the heavy guns that have taken over this generation of music rhythm games? Read on to find out more. Continue reading

Medal of Honor Gets Music Video Trailer “The Catalyst”

Music and gaming are a perfect match for each other. I mean you do know of some of the nicest sound tracks coming from certain games and so on. Recently there has been the trend for some of the major first person shooters to engage with some of the biggest music sensation of the current day and age. For example Activision engaged rapping sensation Eminem to help out with a trailer they had for Modern Warfare 2 and upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops. Electronic Arts jumped onto the musical bandwagon and also engaged one of the more popular bands Linkin Park to help out with the promotion of their upcoming game Medal of Honor. The trailers after the jump. Continue reading

Pokemon Theme Song (A Cappella)

Recently heard some of my friends discussing about the upcoming (released in some places already) pokemon game (SoulSilver and HeartGold I think) and it reminded me of the fun times I had back then during my younger days. I both loved the tv show and of course the game. The pokemon series, now already in its 12th season, had engraved rather strong memories within my head. I mean I can still remember how team rocket comes every episode and then Ash beats them and they fly off to the sky with a twinkle of the star to mark the victory. Yeah, great stuff then. Continue reading

American Idol Audition Pants on the Ground

Just saw the local telecast of the latest episode of American Idol Season 9 and found the very ending to be interesting and worthy to be shared.

I shall quote what Simon Cowell said, “I’ve got a horrible feeling that this song (Pants on the Ground) could be a hit” and guess what, youtube helps to spread the word.

Pants on the ground pants on the ground, read on with your pants on the ground. Continue reading

iPhone Auditorium – Music Puzzle Game Review

Auditorium Game TitleAuditorium was first introduced on the PC through their very own website www.playauditorium.com some time ago. On their site, they have the flash version for people to try out the game before actually purchasing it. Recently, they have ported the game over to the iPhone and iTouch. Auditorium is a puzzle game that simply fascinates people with the genius concept and wonderful music. Continue reading