Pokemon Theme Song (A Cappella)

Recently heard some of my friends discussing about the upcoming (released in some places already) pokemon game (SoulSilver and HeartGold I think) and it reminded me of the fun times I had back then during my younger days. I both loved the tv show and of course the game. The pokemon series, now already in its 12th season, had engraved rather strong memories within my head. I mean I can still remember how team rocket comes every episode and then Ash beats them and they fly off to the sky with a twinkle of the star to mark the victory. Yeah, great stuff then.

The games were fantastic as well. Played the gameboy versions pokemon yellow, blue and red. The later few versions didn’t really appeal to me as I sought for newer and other games. The latest few versions received rather fantastic reviews as well scoring from 8 to 10s. Maybe I should try it out again one day, heard that loads of stuff changed since then.

Talking about theme song, I’ve heard several theme songs of pokemon played throughout the series. I’ve heard different types and styles but none beats the very first theme song. Maybe it is just me but hell yeah the first theme song is the greatest ever for me at least. I can still remember the lyrics even after years since I last watched an episode or even hear the song! Anyways came across this A Cappella version of the theme song and I thought I would like to share it with you current and ex pokemon fans. Get yourselves pumped up before playing the new version!

Are you ready to catch’em all?

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