Song about Chinese Food

From the creators of the smashing hit “Friday”, “Chinese Food” is another charts topper. Instead of the amazing Rebecca Black, they have a new child star in the name of Alison Gold. As a Chinese, this song makes me so happy and proud as the different delicacies of my race are honored and loved. Seriously, who would ever love Chinese food so much to the point that they start making a song about it? Alison Gold does (she sings about it), trust her.

alison gold chinese food

That aside, the song is hilariously painful to hear and listen to. I mean honestly, with lyrics like that? Just when mankind thought song lyrics can never get worse then “Friday”, we have “Chinese Food”. Let me just pull the chorus for you:

“I love Chinese food (Yeah)
you know that it’s true (Yeah)
I love fried rice (Yeah)
I love noodles (Yeah)
I love Chow mein
Chow Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo Mein”

At least the producers and the singer is getting their popularity skyrocketted with the vast amount of press and media coverage they are receiving throughout the internet.

It is nice to have such a feeling once in a while. The mental feeling of happiness and pain at the same time doesn’t come by every friday. You can never face palm while laughing so hard at the same time without entertainment like that.

Now for the parodies to flood in.

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  1. LOL! Nice song. Wish they play that the next time I eat out at Yo CHina

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