Chinese Imitation “Shanzai” Industry Documentary

Chinese imitation goods, famous worldwide for their blatant accurate copies of  the design of popular goods but with terrible performance and quality. All kinds of goods in fact are imitated; we have fake soccer jerseys, fake food, fake gadgets etc. Today, I stumbled across this mini documentary that talks a bit more about the “Shanzai”, chinese imitation, industry in China. Yes learn more about the wiiphone, vii and stuff like that. Read on for the documentary.

Part 2:

Interesting? Yeah pretty much. I mean self-assembled phones too? How cool is that? I mean for people that simply need a phone for calling, if it is cheap why not make one yourself? It is amazing how the Chinese are able to come up with some of the most extreme imitation of goods. Some with outstandingly poor quality and ripping technique while others are simply done with such mastery that even the creators themselves might not even be able to differentiate between their own original and the fakes.

Not saying that all imitation goods are terrible, most of them are at least. We do have some imitation goods that pack quite a bit of punch with it and really make us contemplate between spending that extra money for the title of “real” good. Most of the imitation goods I come across only looks extremely alike while the inner parts are simply rubbish. Have yet to come by cheap yet powerful imitations. Yeah, there are some imitations that cost quite a bit because they actually do have good inner body parts. But these often come with price tags that are hard to justify why you would get it rather than the real one, unless you are unable to purchase a real version due to whatever reason.

Alright, there we go, some education for the week.

[image by Samout3 via flickr]

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