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Free gift, I want. That makes me Singaporean. Ok lah, today talk Singaporean way. Don’t play play hor. I don’t know why hor Singapore government want us speak good english leh. You see arh, we speak Singlish because we are Singaporean what right? Why must speak good english then become like those people. British or American issit? Ok lah maybe speak good english first then speak Singlish better bah.

You know, in my own opinion hor, i think we also damn what. Err, don’t know word to say leh. Like you know go hotel overseas hor, then take the tissue, soap etc. As in we pay for it lah but take also don’t take tissue right. Coffee tea bags, soap maybe good lah. I go swimming use their small small bottle sibei convenient. Also is like don’t waste right. We touch touch better bring home mah, not good to leave for the next people using right. Not hygenic. Right? Right? Correct lah no doubt.

So how we speak how we act equal to how we become Singaporeans lor. Shameful or not, not really lah. God make all human unique right. So we like take soap from hotel also a unique trait mah. Eh those small bottle soap good hokay, when you go swimming then you understand. Oh I also remember we Singaporean hor pampered too much. How ah? You see Singapore very safe hor, but not 100% lah. Like the saying Low Crime don’t mean No Crime right. Then, we go overseas also act like very safe like that lor. Want to give money take out all then slowly count then give. Aiya, speaking about money, I love cheap cheap and best best quality. Alamak, those shop hor like LV gucchi  blah blah so expensive. Must bargain one then become cheap. You know those people who scold you when you bargain, don’t buy from them lor. Aiyo, your goods surely can sell cheaper one what right, you earn less nia.

Talk so much le, I think enough to get free gift liao lah right. usually free gift just need queue up leh, no need write so much one. So anyway I love Singapore and proud to be Singaporean. Really lah no joke, I know of people who doesn’t like being Singaporean but don’t talk aobut them. They don’t like Singapore than still use our language to speak. Boo! So for those who don’t want be Singaporean hor, learn to speak good English first okay? And for those like me that love or like Singapore, must learn to speak both English and Singlish. Aiyo I don’t know what talking me man.

Ok lah, enough le. KThxBai. I mean, all the best in 2009 and wish that all of you and me archieve whatever resolutions we have made!

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