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I Love Singapore, and IPod

I Love SG Comic

Free gift, I want. That makes me Singaporean. Ok lah, today talk Singaporean way. Don’t play play hor. I don’t know why hor Singapore government want us speak good english leh. You see arh, we speak Singlish because we are Singaporean what right? Why must speak good english then become like those people. British or American issit? Ok lah maybe speak good english first then speak Singlish better bah.
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B For Bloggeries and I For IPod

Bloggeries – A synonym for “Blog Posts”. Sounds cool? Yeah, maybe. Just learnt about the word at the forums of the site called “Bloggeries”. But that aint the main reason why I am talking about it. The owner at Bloggeries is giving away a free IPod Nano. Sounds cool? Hell yeah! The contest requires bloggers to write a bloggerie (blog post) using the synonym “bloggerie(s)” instead of the words “blog post”. Bloggeries is spelt as B-L-O-G-G-E-R-I-E-S, Bloggeries! Repeat after me: B-L-O-G-G-E-R-I-E-S! Well done.

Oh and I want a IPod Nano because, I just gotten a IPod TOUCH! What a reason. Greed is present in all human beings, can’t blame no one. When we’re born, we want to cry. And we don’t cry just once, but MANY times (because we are greedy. Ok, this is a joke if you didn’t realise.). Alright that isn’t related at all. ANYWAYS, my parents gotten me an IPod Touch. How sweet of them. (P.S And I’m sorry mum for making you cry yesterday. You didn’t have to. I was just, you know, stating my point and what I truely thought about your actions etc. And I guess it wouldn’t be too late to Apologise for We Are Family).

You bet my bear is loving it. “Hey, it is my turn to listen now dammit!”

Learn to Mix and Get an IPOD Free*

Mixed Drink World Logo

Here again I go writing to participate in a contest to win something. You never know how lucky I might be as seen in me winning a $100 just by posting about WordHugger. Really glad that I’m picked (by luck anyways) and hope that this time I might get an IPod. Today, the site that I am supposed to put up is nothing much related to internet or technology.  This site, is to teach people how to mix drinks and get erm, well better and tastier drinks? Wait no, I think that is it, but it teaches you how to make drinks too. Yeah, I think that is the case. Mixed Drink World, mixeddrinkworld.com, is a site, or perhaps we call it a database? , filled with mixed drink recipes. You follow the instructions given on the site, mix and match, and viola! The result is tastier and more addictive drinks.

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Buy a Word, Help Others

WordHugger Logo

“Word Hugger is a Micro Investment website. A micro investment of $60 will earn lots of money back over the ten years that you own your word page for. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, and provide phenomenal support along the way.” ~ About Us – WordHugger
Can you comprehend that? No? Alright I shall try to paraphrase it for you so as to enable you to be able to further understand what WordHugger is all about. If you know about the milliondollarwiki, WordHugger is something similar to that but instead of buying a page, you buy a word! On buying a word you get something like wordhugger.com/your-word-here and you can edit it to your liking etc. Get it now?
Here is the catch. When you buy a word for 60 bucks, some of it, to be exact 50% of the profit earned, will be given to Kiva. Now, what is Kiva?
“Kiva is a non profit organization which loans money to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Individuals give Kiva a micro loan of $25 per person they are going to sponsor. Kiva then pools a number of these sponsors together, to collect a sum of $800-1200. Once the funds have been reached, Kiva contacts its micro-finance institutions in different developing countries such as Ghana, Ecuador, Cambodia, and so on, who then loan it to an entrepreneur in that location.”
Sweet? Definitely. Not only are you helping yourself in your business or whatever by buying a word – read how to get quick Loans online – you’re also indirectly contributing funds for a good cause!

So now what’s up with me being all kind and sweet putting up such an advertisement on my site. Well, besides me finding the site and concept behind it rather cool and innovative (Yes I meant what I say. I swear that I speak nothing but the truth), they are currently running a contest to promote themselves. In that case, this post is somewhat like a submission for the contest. Ha, call me money-minded or what-so-ever, I don’t care. All I want is to win a few bucks for me to spend after my examinations. If you are interested, you can participate too! Here are the details:

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