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Here again I go writing to participate in a contest to win something. You never know how lucky I might be as seen in me winning a $100 just by posting about WordHugger. Really glad that I’m picked (by luck anyways) and hope that this time I might get an IPod. Today, the site that I am supposed to put up is nothing much related to internet or technology.  This site, is to teach people how to mix drinks and get erm, well better and tastier drinks? Wait no, I think that is it, but it teaches you how to make drinks too. Yeah, I think that is the case. Mixed Drink World, mixeddrinkworld.com, is a site, or perhaps we call it a database? , filled with mixed drink recipes. You follow the instructions given on the site, mix and match, and viola! The result is tastier and more addictive drinks.


As always I do not really go around promoting people’s sites unless I am reviewing it or whatnots. Mixed Drink World is currently hosting a contest to win a new IPod Touch! It is as always a blog contest, you post about the site (an example is this post) and then you get a chance to win! Interesting, easy, simple and rewarding. However, all these contests are based on luck but still, you never know until the results are out. So do not wait any longer, the contest ends on 30th November, this year of course, and yea, wish you all the best of luck! (Not, you see it is basic logic that if you do not participate my chance of getting the IPod will be much higher. So, well, there are no rules stating that I cannot discourage people to participate the contest, so yeah. If you have no time, then forget it.)

My last words

What are you waiting for? If you have a blog go blog about it for a chance to win, if you are about to host a party or so impress your friends by making the best cocktails ever by looking at their cocktail recipes. And that is about everything I want to say. Bless you and me (with a higher percentage on me) and hope that, well, um, I win?

*While stock(s) last. Stock(s) = 1

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