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VPN Gate – A Truly Free VPN Service

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) can be used for several things. The most common use of them is to bypass geographical restrictions. There are many sites and services on the net that only serve certain regions; Netflix, for example, is only available in the US, Canada and some Latin American countries. Using a VPN server that is located within the allowed regions will give you access to that particular service. There are also other uses such as providing anonymity, higher privacy and a more secure connection. There are several “free” services out there but they always come with some kind of special condition. VPN Gate, however, is a truly free service.

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Browser FPS BeGone Review

BeGone is an online First Person Shooter (FPS) that is playable from your browser. The only necessary requirement of the game is for a plug-in to be installed. It features your basic typical FPS multiplayer gameplay where there are two teams and the first team to eliminate the other wins. There is no registration required, just visit the site and you can get to play a match just like that. How exactly does this browser game fair? Read on for a more in-depth review of the game, and remember to check out the slotzo spielen games as well. Note that this review is based on the latest version played as of this article is written. Continue reading

Busy No More

I am finally busy no more at LEAST for now till the next month or so. Argh I have not been updating the site for at least a month. That has broken the record of not updating for at least two weeks or so. For any readers out there who even bother, the site is not closing down or anything. It just lies down to the young and inexperienced writer me, being really busy with examinations preparations etc. School life sure is not as easy as before. Projects, homework, presentations and list go on and on. People with terrible time management, like me, often feel pressurized and ending up with no time at all to complete any task they plan to do. For example I want to study this chapter but I also want to play games. Therefore I played games and study but at the end of the day I found out I could not remember anything from the chapter and I had no fun playing to game at all. In other words killing no birds with two stones. But nevertheless the examination period is finally over and I can finally relax, till the day where the results are given out. For now, it is time to start my gaming engine and play till my eyes pops?

Photos that Talk

That is so right! Now you can easily make your photos talk by using a software that enables you to synchronize your speech with the photo. Easily make your photo’s mouth etc move to mimic a person talking in real life! How awesome is that! And the company is giving away free copies for bloggers who blog about this in their own blog! Yay! Here is a demo of how the thing works. Pretty cool huh!


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Official site visit it for more information on how you can get your free software!

There is also another free software that is almost the same in terms of concept and idea.  Check out the site! Fix8

Learn to Mix and Get an IPOD Free*

Mixed Drink World Logo

Here again I go writing to participate in a contest to win something. You never know how lucky I might be as seen in me winning a $100 just by posting about WordHugger. Really glad that I’m picked (by luck anyways) and hope that this time I might get an IPod. Today, the site that I am supposed to put up is nothing much related to internet or technology.  This site, is to teach people how to mix drinks and get erm, well better and tastier drinks? Wait no, I think that is it, but it teaches you how to make drinks too. Yeah, I think that is the case. Mixed Drink World, mixeddrinkworld.com, is a site, or perhaps we call it a database? , filled with mixed drink recipes. You follow the instructions given on the site, mix and match, and viola! The result is tastier and more addictive drinks.

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Project Torque Review

Project Torque LogoProject Torque Logo

Official Site: http://project-torque.aeriagames.com
Project Torque is a MMORG (Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game) created by aeriagames. Besides the usual racing action you all get from racing games (that is kind of obvious), you are able to customize your car to make it the best racing machine ever. From the colours to the wheels, Project Torque gives you the ability to edit and change them accordingly to your personal needs and preferences. Since it’s a MMO, you are able to join rooms and channels and compete with other fellow racers. Scared of lag? No problem as Project Torque provides a rather unique and lagless racing mode, called the Ghost Mode, and your ride will be as smooth as those you play offline! With average 3D Graphics and several game modes, Project Torque is a must especially for driving fans. (Just try it! No harm as it is free!)

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Kwix-Host – Free, Reliable and Quality Hosting

Kwix Host - Logo


First & Current Impressions Review


After numerous free hosts I tried, I must say that Kwix-Host is the best. It is reliable, stable and simply provides quality plans both reasonable for them, providers, and us, users. Kwix-Host, backend up with a tremendous amount of positive reviews and near perfect uptime, I decided to venture into it. At that time I must say I hated post-to-host providers. That is because I have learnt that I am pretty much exchanging my precious time for hosts that were going down the next week or so. However, Kwix-Host did not disappoint me. It has already been a month or two since I had them hosting me and never did a single time it was down nor caused me much problems. All I can say is that I am really glad to have such a provider, and I really hope that it stays that way forever (Until I decide to go into paid hosting).

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