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Are you new to blogging? Or perhaps you perceive yourself as a person half-way to becoming the next professional blogger? Or not, how about you ARE already a professional blogger, blogging full-time and earning your greens from just sitting at home putting up stories? Whatever category you fit, you have one similar factor among the rest. You are a blogger and you have a blog.

We have blogging social networks, blogging platforms, blogging blogs and even blogging directories. However, we now have another addition to the blogging family; A blog forum. A place where bloggers of all status and country come together to discuss the latest tech news, blog templates, money making techniques etc. Bloggeries is not only a blog directory, it is also a blog forum. You can have your blog reviewed by the admin himself and the friendly members over there. You can also pour your doubts in the forum there and let the members there console you by solving them. Basically, everything about blogging. How to effectively earn money through blogs, what makes visitors come back again etc. Discuss and share your opinion on everything about blogging.

I myself am a member there, and I think the forum is rather informative. However, the forum is still rather inactive or what we call “dead”. Still, the current members and even the admin himself there do their best to post great content, information and tools to help and aid bloggers. I like the forum as you can get opinions on your blog without the need of paying etc. In other words, free reviews. The forum also have like every other webmaster forums do just more blogging specific. What I mean is for example in most webmaster forums, there are always categories such as “how to make money online”. Bloggeries too also have such a category but is more specific for blogs so it is something like “how to make money with your blog”.

I recommend all bloggers to participate in the forum. Whether is it sharing of your blogging knowledge or asking for help, you are all welcomed to join. The community is friendly and ready to help whenever there is a need to. Also, if you are looking for a directory to submit your blog(s) to, bloggeries (PR 6) is a good directory for you. Bloggeries – a hybrid of directory and forum all in one place.

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