SGBlogAwards Great? Maybe recently hosted the first ever (more hyped up I guess and bigger scaled to be called the first) Singapore Blog Awards. A competition for Singaporean based blogs I guess. There are several categories, 10 to be exact and I participated in one of them; the youth category. Its only criteria was that the blogger must be 16 and below. Bloggers that are not too handsome, not too tall, not too thin are all accepted. Even bloggers that have fetishes over polar bears are welcomed. It states that as long as you are a blogger (Singaporean) 16 or younger, you are eligible.

They contacted those who got through the first selection process by phone. I, being either lucky or a person that is worthy of being selected, had been called up by one of their staff (I think) to inform me about my acceptance into the top, well 10. I guess I felt happy, and excited at the same time upon receiving their call. It was kind of unexpected for them to call. I did not know how the selection process was like, or what or how they chose the top 10 of each category. But nevertheless I am hopeful and anxious to know what the results will be like and for the next few days I’ll be trying to pull votes in.

I hate my icon given to tag on my blog. Just take a look:

Why can’t I have stuff like:


Vote me or whatever. My bear wants the phone (Excuses. Heh)

Youth Category Link (I Play fair. You don’t have to vote me. Choose the best for yourself. May the best win I guess. *Shrugs*)

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