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Shifted to New Host Provider

Moved to new host

I’ve just, yet again, made the switch to a new host service provider. Reason being that the new plan that I am now on is slightly better specced compared to the  previous plan (for the same amount of money). The new service provider seems to be doing fine as far as I can tell. From the quick research I’ve done, past customer reviews seems positive and the lack of complaints or any serious issues is reassuring.

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Swift World Twenty Fourteen

You must have noticed the overhaul in the website design and layout. This change has been a long time coming having used the previous design for roughly 5 years thereabouts. It was hard to find something I like better. I have been searching every now and then for quite some time but nothing seemed to wow me. I had thought about designing one and coding it myself but it just seemed to be a little too overwhelming for a mind that lacks creativity and an eye that fails in spotting artistic beauty. What you see now is a slightly modified version (work in progress but mostly completed) of a theme that gave me a really good first impression.

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New Site in Progress

I’ve recently bought a Chinese Android phone with two things in mind. I needed an upgrade from my Galaxy S1 and I wanted to try out a Made in China Android phone. I did mention a review coming up and yes it is indeed coming up and will be finished once I’ve decided that I’ve used enough of the phone to come up with a review and conclusion. While I am jotting down my thoughts as I used the phone extensively, I fiddled around with the idea of coming out with a dedicated site to these Chinese mobile devices.

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ChicagoVPS Impressions (3 Months)

I’ve “used” ChicagoVPS (CVPS) for slightly more than 3 months now. That is a quarter of a year so I guess this will be a rather fair gauge of their services. CVPS is a web host provider; their main attraction is their insanely low price (even in the low end budget hosts market). Looking at the prices I’m paying for my previous host and comparing that to the prices offered by CVPS, I’ve decided to switch despite the mixed reviews from people.

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A Week of Downs

If you’re a frequent visitor to Swift World you would realize that the site was down for practically the whole of last week (actually even more, roughly 11 – 12 days?). Now there is a reason to explain this and it is rather simple. There was a loophole within the control panel software that my host used. Someone had exploited this vulnerability and wiped every single thing on my host. My whole site and VPS account was wiped as well. It took about 90 hours before my VPS was reinstated.

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On the Move Again

It is time to move host again. This time round, the decision to move is not because of any negative experiences. SharkSpace (acquired by eleven2) was a fantastic host for me. It has great support, uptime, amazing servers and brilliant pricing. There is simply nothing wrong with the host and considering the price that I was paying, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Yet I’m on the move again, and let me tell you why. Continue reading