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If it ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, I fall into this particular idiom many a times in my life. From trying to add new features to my projects, website etc to trying to refine certain aspects of my work. I’ve wasted much time with the end product either being totally unusable or even worse than before. With that said, if we don’t look to improve and add things, how are we going to get the best out of something? I guess the real issue here is to identify whether that particular thing needs to be worked on rather than me wanting to work on it.

Of course it is going to be difficult the justify what falls into a “want” and what is a “need”. Continue reading

Do Not Feed the Troll

It started from a simple honest reply. An internet troll first commented on one of my youtube videos, saying some things (which I had already explained) in a rather rude manner. In my defence, I replied with an explanation seasoned with a pinch of salt. And that my friends, awoken the beast within him, the Troll. Amazing how much time these trolls have, spending their whole day just to disturb others. I got disturbed, and I was not experienced enough to deal with such people. My level was obviously not high enough, so I continued fighting instead of backing off. Continue reading

Your Moola Has Finally Arrived

It has been one to two months since I requested for the cashout in Nuffnang after meeting their cashout requirements. Not a lot of money but it certainly took a long long while. Apparently one of their staff contacted me a week before I receive the cheque to explain the long delay. Apparently (yet again), it seems as though the person in-charge of signing cheques went overseas for the past month thus the delay. However the problem is why the wait till he is back before sending me the email to inform me about the delay? That I have no idea, busy isn’t a reason or a valid excuse. Continue reading

Weeks to Year 2010

Just a few more weeks before the year of 2009 comes to a close. Lots of things happened this year both for myself and the development of the website. Haven’t been updating much about my own personal life because there aren’t much interesting things that have happened recently or about to that is worth talking about. But anyways, thought it might be nice to just to think about the year 2009 that is about to end and reflect on things as well as think about year 2010 and what I should do better and stuff. Kind of like a yearly reflection thingy and a new year resolution (I don’t really follow whatever I set anyways, maybe I should start trying to work towards it). Continue reading

End of Term 1 Round Up 2009

acr1School’s term has ended. This in other words mean that it is time to do some reflections and thinking on both my own personal endeavors and well as that of the site. This term has been hectic for me. As of all term 1’s, time was much of the essences. Poor time management would mean handing homework late, failing to have adequate gaming time as well as the lack of sleep and rest. My time management skills are terrible and I’m in no way proud of it. Still I managed to pull through the 3 months and survived with average results. Although CCA wise there was the cancellation of the founder’s day parade, it was still as tough as ever for now I’ve become a senior and the planning of trainings etc are all done by me and the rest of the leaders. In addition, project work is extremely taxing for I had to travel to some centre every Monday and Tuesday to carry out the project. Continue reading