Do Not Feed the Troll

It started from a simple honest reply. An internet troll first commented on one of my youtube videos, saying some things (which I had already explained) in a rather rude manner. In my defence, I replied with an explanation seasoned with a pinch of salt. And that my friends, awoken the beast within him, the Troll. Amazing how much time these trolls have, spending their whole day just to disturb others. I got disturbed, and I was not experienced enough to deal with such people. My level was obviously not high enough, so I continued fighting instead of backing off.

He, or rather it, started hurling abusive comments, comments that were based off nothing but a pile of nothingness. I actually thought he was a genuine person giving a critical comment (which was based off his very first comment), I thought wrong. It was actually a troll ready to pounce on an innocent person like me. I aggroed the troll further by blocking it and removing its abusive comments. Unfortunately for me, it had a skill called “multiple accounts”. Damn sure is it powerful. It unleashed a 20 different youtube account spam fest trying to put me down. This troll was powerful and of really high level. The spam, block, remove battle went on for quite a while before the troll decided it was time to unleash his other skill; the “dislike funfair” skill. All 20 dislikes, from 20 different accounts, from one same guy. Simply outstanding technique and skill.

It went on and on, attacking my other videos as well. It was in funfair mode, happily clicking the thumbs down button for almost every single video I uploaded. It was unstoppable for a mere level 1 beginner like me. I had no party with me, had no healer, tank and whatever class that is required to tackle this monster. I had nobody to help me. Even as I am writing this post, the troll is continuously attacking, and rightfully so as you can never pause in a massive online world.

It is sad that I aggroed such a high level troll when I am still of low level. This hardcore player versus player server sure is difficult to live in. Now let’s just hope this dies off sooner rather than later.

I shouldn’t have fed the troll. Oh the irony! I’m still young and fresh, please forgive me.

[image by: Dunechaser via flickr]

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