My First Ever Google Adsense Cheque

I just received my first ever google adsense cheque! Woohoo! I’m so proud of myself. Although it took 3 years to do so, I mean it is at least something right? Haha now I can use some of my money to buy stuff I want like a new set of speakers. Anyways will be away the whole of next week due to some overseas trip to Cambodia with the school.

Looking forward to the bonding sessions with the class. Hope that the trip will unite the class as one even though we’re a totally non-intact class (well for me at least. almost 3/4 of the time I’m not with my class). Going to Cambodia to do some community service with an Orphanage. So yeah I’ll not only probably be more bonded with some people but also spiritually enriched after the trip.

That aside, WOOHOO I got my first ever google adsense cheque. Waiting for a $50 cheque from Nuffnang that should come within a month (or much more seeing the amount of complaints back then. Some took several months! Hope that is not the case for me).

And lastly, SINGAPORE is playable in Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa game! How awesome is that? Even though the people don’t even resemble one bit of our national team, it don’t matter. As long as the name is there and the national anthem can be heard it is a great achievement. Time bring Singapore into virtual world cup glory.

P.S I feel the great importance of this milestone and decided to feature it. =)
P.P.S I’m so happy I decided to put a cool interesting fire illusion video I stumbled upon.

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