Report and Reflections: March April May 08

March April May 08 reports are all combined together for a few reasons. Throughout all three months, I have been extremely busy with school and other activities. Mid-year examinations are very important and therefore had to spend a little more time preparing for it than usual. For March I had a camp during the week break and loads of homework on other days. April was the preparations for the mid-year examinations and half of May itself was the papers themselves. All of these adding up give me little to no time at all to compile any data or anything for presentation. However, now that my first semester holidays are on the way, I had some time (little though as I still have a lot of other activities undergoing) to dish this report up.


Attended a Mega Camp hosted by my Uniform Group during the March Holidays. The whole week was pretty much the camp itself and school practically follows after it. Did not have much time at all but managed still to upgrade my wordpress version to 2.5 without much errors etc.


Busy preparing for examinations but still managed to cook up a few reviews (2 to be exact) during the first few weeks of April. After that was mainly studying, revising and sleeping. Of course I took a few short breaks here and there (too many actually) to spend quality time with my PS3. I reviewed the Singapore hosted MMO dancing game, High Street 5 as well as a Anti-Theft Software that received quite a few comments from different users. Learnt a few important lessons that when people pay you to do a review, the review must be positive and not talk about the bad points of their product. Well, not really completely ignoring the bad points, instead the bad points must be brought out in a way that it does not actually matter. Heh, so that is basically my April for you.


May has been a month of happiness and grieves. Mixed emotions filled me as the days of the month of May progresses. At first, I felt relived and happy as my examinations are finally over (for now). Played hard but at the same time worrying as the days of releasing of results draw nearer. As I got my results, I felt sad and regretted not spending more time with my text books. No use crying over spilled milk now though, just have to work harder in the future and of course the final term which carries the most marks. Feeling sad is not enough, I had to feel tired and exhausted as well. Following the start of the mid-year holidays, I had a camp at Pulau Ubin; the survivor camp. Yes it is based off the reality show Survivor and we all know whatever happened in the show sure was hellish and tiring. May passed quickly as it was filled with many key events. (Time sure go faster when doing stuff you enjoy etc)

Swift World Traffic Statistics

March April May
Unique Visitors 3169 2814 3612
Number of Visits 3393 3263 4074
Page Views 7806 8631 9324
Bandwidth Used (mb) 2288.97 1902.10 2364.87
Average Uniques Per Day 102 94 117

Earnings and Revenue

Google Adsense: $1.97 (March) $2.93 (April) $2.29 (May)

That’s all. No more Advertlets, instead I tried giving Nuffnang a chance again. Have yet to receive any advertisement at all thus no income from them. Perhaps I might get one or two in June.

Off for Taiwan

I am going to fly to Taiwan tomorrow for around a week. Not going there for business or school related stuff but instead just holidaying there with my parents and grandmother. I will try to blog about some of the interesting happenings or events that might happen throughout the tour when I come back. Till then, adios and have fun if you are currently having your term break or holidays like me!

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