B For Bloggeries and I For IPod

Bloggeries – A synonym for “Blog Posts”. Sounds cool? Yeah, maybe. Just learnt about the word at the forums of the site called “Bloggeries”. But that aint the main reason why I am talking about it. The owner at Bloggeries is giving away a free IPod Nano. Sounds cool? Hell yeah! The contest requires bloggers to write a bloggerie (blog post) using the synonym “bloggerie(s)” instead of the words “blog post”. Bloggeries is spelt as B-L-O-G-G-E-R-I-E-S, Bloggeries! Repeat after me: B-L-O-G-G-E-R-I-E-S! Well done.

Oh and I want a IPod Nano because, I just gotten a IPod TOUCH! What a reason. Greed is present in all human beings, can’t blame no one. When we’re born, we want to cry. And we don’t cry just once, but MANY times (because we are greedy. Ok, this is a joke if you didn’t realise.). Alright that isn’t related at all. ANYWAYS, my parents gotten me an IPod Touch. How sweet of them. (P.S And I’m sorry mum for making you cry yesterday. You didn’t have to. I was just, you know, stating my point and what I truely thought about your actions etc. And I guess it wouldn’t be too late to Apologise for We Are Family).

You bet my bear is loving it. “Hey, it is my turn to listen now dammit!”

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