The Curious Case of the Missing iPod Touch

I had an iPod Touch. It was my precious. It kept me entertained in the cage which I’m only set “freed” every weekend; only to have a string tied on my feet to pull me back, locking me back again for the rest of the weekdays. So yeah, I store all my music and videos on the iPod and I listen and watch them whenever possible. Now it’s gone and I have no idea where it went.

iphone in search of a better land

It is as if the iPod grew legs and ran away. I always place my iPod together with the rest of my essential items upon coming home. I never touch my iTouch during the weekends mainly because I have my other precious devices such as my smartphone and computer. It should always be there, either on my bed or the table in my room. Flipping my room inside out and it was nowhere to be found. As always when you misplace something, your first reaction would be to “retrace” whatever you’ve done in the day. Unfortunately, I had to retrace days’ worth of history as I only found out that it was missing about 3 days after I came home from camp.

It has to be misplaced; but where exactly? Expanding my search radius, I went prowling the house. I scrutinized any possible location where I might leave my iPod. It must have ran away. Perhaps I’ve watched too much videos on it that it got fed up and decided to escape the torture; the torture of playing the countless minutes and hours of videos through the night to keep me sane.

The main thing that hurts most is the money that’s gone flying away with it. It costs quite a bit and losing money out of the blue isn’t fun. Oh well, I guess this gives me a reason to get a better device; preferably one that allows me to use the internet. A smartphone would work. A smartphone that is blind to be more exact. You see, inside the cage there are “sensitive” stuff that only my eyes can lay upon. As for phones, their eyes must be gauged out else they’ll be detained.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to spend another few hundreds getting one. What a total waste of money. Naughty iTouch, wait till I find you. Once I do, if I do, I’ll make sure that you get sold to some random dude in the street that you’ll never want to have your body tampered with.

EDITED (040314): The iPod is recovered!

[photo by Gonzalo Baeza H via flickr]

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