No Internet Means Blackout

ThunderThunder and lightning were roaring angrily yesterday. Cats and dogs splattered down my roof. The intensity of the rain was madness. The loudness of the thunder was deafening to the ears. I cooped myself in my room that very afternoon, resting (or shall I say, using my computer). “BOOM”, a thunder rang, “BAAM” the lightning sang, “KABOOM” my modem went. Bleh, it had seemed that the thunder has somewhat struck the house or something causing my house’s modem to go haywire. It all happened in a sudden when the lightning just struck and my computer immediately tells me that there was no internet connection. I could hear the modem crying out (clicking sound) but I thought it will be fine after awhile. But I was obviously wrong. It was seriously ill and could only continue looking at me with his red little eyes, staring at me as if he was telling me that he couldn’t take it no longer and he was internally injured.

He was injured, and I was sad. The rest of the day was life without internet. When I was young, I remembered our teacher asking us to write compositions on blackouts and there such. I wrote about how I was happy for it can be used as an excuse for not doing homework, about how it felt as if it was camping and was extremely exciting so on. When I was older, I had to write a composition on life without handphones. I wrote, but wasn’t really emotionally attached to it. However, no teachers asked to write on life without internet so far, but today I’ll be writing on that. For I am so emotionally and spiritually attached with the great invention.

Without the internet, my life was as if a blackout. Call me a no-life or whatever, but I seriously had no thoughts of going out. Firstly, it was raining cats and dogs. I don’t want myself to be bitten by them in the midst of their chasing and fighting. Secondly, I was tired and lazy as it was a Sunday. My legs didn’t agree to walk and so did my mind. Therefore I stayed at home. Besides going out would mean spending money. And the fact that I’m actually trying to save up to complete my gaming rig (Graphics Card and a affordable sound system) doubles up as reasons not to leave the house.

I stayed at home and did my homework. Homework was boring, life without internet was worst. I finished up all the important homework that were due in the coming days and was left only rest game. Gaming is fun but with my graphics card, I ain’t having as much fun as I wanted to have. Of course you can say set the graphics to low blah blah, but since I’m such a graphics whore, I simply can’t stand the fact that I’m gaming under such low settings (and my eyes don’t agree to look at such games). The only thing else I could do with my computer would be to use the internet. But if you’ve followed the post so far, you will immediately know what I’m going to say next. I had no internet access. Here is the deal, I have reasons for not going out. I had finished my important homework. I have tolerated the video games enough. I have nothing else to do but surf the net. I have no internet access. What should I do?

I can’t sleep. I’m too active to be sleeping. I can’t go out, the cats would screech at me. I can’t do anything else except read books or something which I never liked. I felt that I was in a situation where a blackout had occurred.

I felt bored. I felt sad. I was sad. I was bored. I was sad and bored.

I’m glad though that a new friend has come to stayed. Dad went to repaired/changed it today. Woohoo!

I’m feeling happy. I feeling excited. I am excited. I am happy. I am happy and excited.

P.S Randomness – “So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.” Sidney Poitier

[Image by: Kuzeytac]

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