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Gangster Rocco is a game that is currently out for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Basically you play as the mouse named Rocco who is a gangster for god knows what reason. Rocco is suited and booted with his magnum that you cannot use. In the game, he is chased by the other cats whom he needs to avoid else he gets beaten up or something. The aim of the game is simple, collect as much cheese as possible to progress to the next few levels.

Gangster Rocco TitleThe game works by tilting your iPhone left or right to move the mouse left and right respectively. That is basically all of the controls you have to know. Dodge everything else except the cheese else be prepared to lose your 1 of the 3 given lives at the very beginning. There are mouse traps, apples(?) and of course the other cats to avoid. The whole game revolves around that and the more cheese you collect, the higher your score will be.

The game works like the very basic game devices that are sold in shopping centres or such. The game is like a slideshow where the objects come down one screen then stop, one screen then stop. I don’t really know how to explain or remember what that mechanics is termed as (or if there is a term for it) but you can see the video at the bottom how the game actually is.

The game is hard even when it is actually that simple. During my playthrough, I often find that the cats seem to love the cheese as much as Rocco does, standing or running in front of them. The cats also move much faster than the rest of the items, making it even tougher when they are in the same lane of the cheese.Gangster Rocco Gameplay 2

Graphics of the game is something I actually liked to most. It is simple, neat cartoony styled graphics. I guessed that is the most commendable part of the whole game since the music is pretty average to me and the gameplay is well, too tough for such simple mechanics or rather I would say tough not due to the difficulty of the game by the gameplay mechanics. I would rather the items fall and drop in one motion rather than having it like a slideshow kind.

For $0.99, it is costly because of the modes and gameplay options they offer. There is nothing more than a difficulty setting to change to make the game even much tougher. Other than that and the highscore board, there is nothing but tilting your iPhone as you watch a slideshow and collect cheese.

Official Game Site:

[youtube YbcGpXY9_yM]

(p.s video review is not done by me. I had to use someone’s else review as theres not video footage of the gameplay available)

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  1. hey buddy i played the game, it’s not appes is edam cheese! not to be avoided, gives you more points

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    1. I know there are cheese in the game to be collected. but there are red stuff as well, or did my eyes play tricks on me?

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