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NDP 07 Celebration


Yesterday was the big day. It was the nation’s 42nd birthday and it was a blast. Celebrating in the new stadium at marina bay (the world largest floating stage), the atmosphere was certainly different. I was lucky and had tickets to go watch and celebrate together with the other Singaporeans.


As usual, the celebration provided splendid performances and songs. Interesting goodie packs in the start and magnificent fireworks at the end (When I say magnificent is was really world-class!) Laser displays The Strong Artillery of SAFand lightings were something new for this year and it was really well done. The Red Lions again performing their parachuting acts and the SAF displayed a vehicle show (Land unit showed their mobile artilleries, Sea showed their different boats, and lastly Air showed their planes and helicopters mainly the apaches and the Chinook). The goodie bag contained some tidbits, an electric fan, a hat and some drinks. However, the goodie bag was rather special as you can customize it whether is it in design or size. (Its connected by zip and made up of strips of cloth of different colours) With all of that said, I must say that none of that is what made my day there the most enjoyable.

Proud Parachuters of Singapore!Fun Pack - Thats fun!

Fire Works - Aren’t they majestic?

The fireworks, laser displays, planes and whatever can all be seen on television. Therefore I do not feel anything great being able to see it live. The goodie pack is available if your friends do not want it and the goodies provided worth nothing much and are not really special. So what makes my day so great and makes the celebration one that is enjoyable? It is……


The Atmosphere

That is right! You cannot feel the atmosphere in front of the television. You cannot feel the atmosphere just by hearing what your friends say. You can only feel it if you are there, participating the event yourself. It was simply heartwarming and great! Looking at the waters make me feel so much more comfortable. Turning to the right showcases the economic status of Singapore. Right in front is some of the constructionThats whats enjoyable, the atmosphere. works. Some say that it destroys the scenery or atmosphere, however, in my opinion it displays the stableness of our nation and how she continues to develop through the years and reaching greater heights. This is home, where I truly belongsSitting among the tens of thousand of fellow Singaporean makes me feel so much at home. The atmosphere was simply refreshing and grand. It just make you want to shout and show how much you love your country. It makes you feel free and happy. Being with other fellow Singaporeans makes you feel united. Being united creates this nation. The atmosphere simply creates the thought of one people, one nation and thus one Singapore. That is thus the best thing I enjoyed most throughout the whole event. Watching the live telecast in front of the goggle box can never bring such majestic feeling to oneself. The pride, the passion, the love and the happiness can only be completely expressed when you feel such atmosphere at the stadium. And I am contended that my enjoyment expressed its fullest when I felt the atmosphere. People brings joy, and being at a place able to feel and see it with your very own eyes is what I call true enjoyment.

By seeing, feeling and hearing, it creates the atmosphere. The atmosphere then creates feelings, feelings create joy and finally joy creates enjoyment.

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  1. I nvr watch this year NDP at all sigh. Played too much game & forgot to on TV watch sadly.

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  2. Sigh. Next yr better play less games or miss again.

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