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Take note, this isn’t a review of a game. Instead, it is a review of an Anime called, Persona Trinity Soul. Persona Trinity Soul, from the title itself, is based on the game series Persona. A persona in English definition is basically a word used to describe a social role or character played by an actor. In other words, it simply meant that it is like a mask of the person. In the show and game, the persona is basically like a supernatural character/soul/avatar that comes out of a person. With that said, these personas do have supernatural powers and abilities.That's Shin's Persona

Basing itself on that concept, Persona Trinity Soul is a story that supposedly takes place 10 years after the end of Persona 3 (game which I did not play, yet). I quote from wikipedia:

“It is set in Ayanagi City, a city located near the Sea of Japan, where the police force is investigating several cases involving a mysterious illness called the Apathy Syndrome. Ten years ago, Ayanagi city had been subjected to a severe earthquake, which the city has since recovered from. In the midst of the crisis, two brothers named Shin and Jun Kanzato move back to Ayanagi to see their elder brother Ryō, who is now the Superintendent of the Ayanagi City Police. It has been ten years since the three siblings last met with each other.It was said that the mysterious incidents in Ayanagi City were linked to covert testing conducted under Keisuke Komatsubura’s watch, which tried to locate all known Persona users and find the strongest by weeding them out via Persona experiments before it was disbanded.”

Don’t let the continuation of a previous story part put you off. Even if you have the slightest hint of whatever happened in Persona 3, the anime still provides equal entertainment and excitement. Read up on several comments that the anime is a story by itself and is very loosely connected to Persona 3. The story seems simple, yet the writer makes it complicated as the episodes progresses. There are twists and turns here and there, raising the entertainment level to a greater height. The storyline is definitely interesting and mysterious, allowing viewers to keep thinking but yet never getting their predictions right.

Shin and his Brother

However, I had one problem with the story progression though. Sometimes information simply comes too vaguely leaving viewers blank on whatever is happening. Some explanations are riddles themselves (in my opinion) adding on to the pile of question marks I had when watching. It was until later on than would I realise some of plot and what some of the characters were actually saying. Maybe that is how it gets people to buy the DVDs after the airing, to watch again to understand further.

For fans of personas fighting each other, this anime might be a slight disappointment. Fighting is present, but not much. There are much talking and build ups before the fights and even if there is one, it wouldn’t last more than 10 minutes. Still, the lack of fighting didn’t bother me much. I believe there are adequate scenes to bring sufficient intense action into the show. What disappointed me was how the personas were all almost like robots instead of the weird and creative ones I saw in the game (Persona 4, currently playing). it is like, hey what’s up with the metallic appearance?  This ain’t Gundam or whatever.

Personas, don't they look too mecha?

The show had a slight pinch of romance into it, which makes the plot a little more touching at times and of course adding on to the enjoyment level. The relationships present in the show also prove to be extremely heart-warming and perhaps saddening. Heart-warming as you see how friends help one another and stuff (cliché but still good) and saddening as you see relationships broken and stuff (Don’t want to spoil too much). All of these help bring out the story and makes it much more interesting and wholesome.

Some people might have problems with the pacing though. The show starts of slow, very slow in fact. Before it slowly builds up and then goes like a roller coaster ride finishing with a blast. You might have to endure the first few episodes as you see similar situations being repeated, similar events taking place (they might seem different but they serve similar purposes), a little dragging here and there. However, mid way through the show, it gets more and more intense and exciting. The ending of course, is fast paced and filled with brilliance.

The characters in the show are well done. I can see that much thought has been put into each of them especially the main character, making his background and family life so interesting and of course connected to the story. They are all well done, however the only question I have is what’s up with the sadistic backgrounds of almost all of the sub-main characters? Can’t at least one have a happy childhood or something?

The Sad Main Character

With all that said, the technical side of the anime are average I guess. Music was fine, definitely livens up the atmosphere and creates the eeriness of certain events. Character voices were perfect for me, nothing to complain about. The art style and drawings are like most generic animes which is fine to me. That is all I have to say I guess. If you’ve played the game and love the concept of personas, this anime is definitely for you. For those who have no idea on what I’ve been harping on, maybe you might want to take a look at the previews and see if they interest you. However, if you’ve started already, get it completed to attain full enjoyment of the whole show.

P.S Forgive me if the whole review sounds retarded or repetitive, first time doing a show related review.

P.P.S If I had a persona I hope it’ll be a bear, or cub. No, please not mecha-bear. It’ll have super powers like blowing out ice or something. Oh and it must be cute as well.

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  1. Thanks, I was looking on whether or not to watch this after I finished the game (I’m nearly done with P3P)

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